Trading Cheat Codes
Trading Cheat Codes

We all want those juicy millionaire secrets; especially in day trading where 90% of traders lose. So how do you gain access to their Trading “Cheat Codes”? Gaining access won’t be easy. As a matter-of-fact there’s an interview process where only a select amount of hard-working individuals make it into this exclusive group. Wondering what it is and how to get in.. Does your curiosity lead you to believe you may have what it takes to gain access? These answers aren’t for the weak or lazy…

Still interested?

Alright… As an insider to this exclusive group, I will leak a few “secrets” leading to these famous Millionaire Trading “Cheat Codes.”

Where The “Cheat Codes” Begin

The Interview

Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge – This is where millionaires are created from scratch. But there is a catch… Only the most dedicated individuals gain access to this group IF they are accepted through an interview process. Wondering if you have what it takes to gain access? Here’s a link to apply for Timothy Sykes Millionaire Trading Challenge.

Why the secrecy? Well, anyone can apply for the challenge but lazy people who bombard chat groups with their nonsense and promotions aren’t tolerated. Only traders who believe they have what it takes to dedicate themselves to their education and Market are accepted. By doing this, we have a wonderful community of well-rounded individuals to share our “cheat codes” with.

What else makes this Millionaire Challenge so special? Those of us in this exclusive group are expected to put in the work that nobody else will. If you get accepted, you WILL be expected to…. (watch video below)

Inside Information

Juicier “Cheat Codes”

Every one of the traders within this Exclusive group are trained to follow this 1 rule above all others. This is the Golden “Cheat Code” that allows us to stay in the game and maximize profitability. Think you can handle this rule? Take out a pen and paper or add this to the notes in your phone/computer and begin to believe that this is one of the most difficult rules that cause 90% of traders to lose.

Think you know what it is?

The “Cheat Code” that is vital to every trader in this exclusive group is….. Rule #1 Cutting Losses Quickly!

You won’t hear a teacher talk about the importance of this rule more than Timothy Sykes. As a homework assignment for Challenge Students, we had to watch the video included below.

Seems simple enough? Well, this is the biggest lesson that must be drilled into every successful traders head. Congratulations, you’re already taking the time to learn the true Trading “Cheat Codes” of millionaire traders.

Dissecting Charts

Boring Old Habits

Successful trading is full of “Boring Old Habits” which stems from the ability of dedication to the Process Over Profits. Read this post to understand why “Boring Old Habits” are grouped into the list of Trading “Cheat Codes”.

Each and every day, especially during market close, the top Millionaire traders are reviewing charts. Which kinds of charts? The kinds that fit specific patterns that they have adapted to their personalities. By selecting a few patterns that fit their personalities, these traders are able to refine how they approach their trading process. Focusing on this boring routine creates consistency and discipline. The kind of discipline to be patient for their entries, for the trade to setup in a familiar way, to size in according to an identified risk level, etc. These are some of the “secret cheat codes” that these millionaire traders are strategizing during the “off time”.

For example: Below is a screen shot of my Twitter where I began sharing some of the “secrets” revealed only in Tim’s Trading Challenge. Jack Kellogg is a multimillionaire day trader conjured up thanks to his access to many more millionaires within this group. When joining the challenge we gain access to live webinars and Q&A such as an example below where Jack tells us specifically; WITH examples, walking us through his Trading “Cheat Codes.” His “secret sauce” is on the left and my “discovery” of it is on the right.

trading cheat codes
Trading Cheat Codes

When you put in the practice to your boring process EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. you can’t get worse. lol But what you must do is be meticulous. Put in the time to study the charts. Print the charts. Draw lines on these charts that way you learn to recognize KEY support/resistance zones. Draw red and green circles to identify your potential entry/exits. There’s SO many thing you can do to prepare. Another “Secret” Trading “Cheat Code” used to really practice identifying these setups during the moment is to create a ThinkOrSwim account/platform and use the “On Demand” feature which enables you to replay a ticker on a given day. This is like watching game tape if you have every played sports or know anything about sports.

What are Trading “Cheat Codes”?

How Many are There?

There is an overwhelming amount of doubt and skepticism in trading and that’s rightfully so. There should be, with how many scammers there are trying to cheat people out of their hard earned money with promises of “Get Rich Quick” schemes that it’s sickening. So why is there so much mystery behind the way these millionaires make their money consistently in the stock market? These traders are able to accomplish something that 90%+ of people who attempt trading aren’t capable of. These 10% or less of traders are also willing to do what no one else is willing to. Anything is easier said than done.. but when the foundation and “Cheat Codes” are placed into specific set of directions but the results can never be guaranteed, then most traders put success into the “conspiracy” category.

In trading as in life, nothing is guaranteed, ESPECIALLY in the stock market. No one can promise that anyone will make money even if they work hard so most won’t even try. That is such a poor mindset which leads to another “Cheat Code”… And the list can go on as it’s not an exact science. Huh?!


They Have What Most Don’t

Mindset is another Trading “Cheat Code”.


Because most people have the wrong mindset. They give up too easily, are discouraged, want security that can’t be guaranteed, don’t believe in themselves, you name it!

Having the right mindset is everything. These traders aren’t going to take no for an answer and they put in the WORK necessary! That’s right, WORK! This business is not easy and there are no get-rich-quick schemes to their success. Thousands upon thousands of countless hours of dedication and obsession go into the effort these traders put in. Each successful trader dedicated their life obsessively to the process, especially in the beginning as there is such heavy front-loaded material. But what these traders have that most people don’t besides obsession.. they have a genuine love and passion for this industry, so when these traders are engulfed in trading, they weren’t working… It’s just life. The work disappears when they love what they are passionate about. No longer is it about, “Oh I have to do this, blah, blah, blah”. Instead, they can’t wait to do it!

Mindset is huge!

Trading "Cheat Codes"
Trading “Cheat Codes”

All in All

The Truth Behind the “Cheat Codes”

The “Secret Sauce”. The “Cheat Code”. The Millionaire “Secrets”. The “Secret Trader”. The call it whatever you can cleverly think of to discredit hard work and passion…

The true exposing of the Trading “Cheat Codes”… There are no cheat codes to trading but it sure makes for a fun and suspenseful story. Perhaps a great future book. The idea of Trading “Cheat Codes” is great business and marketing which I may use in the future in my book I am writing, but the truth behind the “Cheat Codes” is simple…


Traders begin their journey wondering where to start. Every one of the traders begin somewhere, usually by learning from someone like Tim Sykes to speed up their learning curve. Then they are bombarded with so much education and resources/access to successful traders that they have to begin by studying ALL of the material. Several times. For example, read this blog post how I literally watched 6,000+ video lessons from Tim’s archived and forever growing library of video lessons.. I even watched them more than 2-3 times EACH!

Are You Willing to Do the WORK

They spend years in slow markets studying, learning what the hell a candle stick chart even is, how to recognize patterns, what it means to “place an order” etc. Next they try to learn spread sheets or use trading journals such as TraderSync to track their behavior, emotions, trades, their performance, etc. Traders discover and learn how to use indicators such as the ones ScriptsToTrade offers (Don’t forget to use Discount Code: TESSA10 for any ScriptsToTrade purchases).

This process isn’t as easy as people with the wrong mindset want to lead other to believe. The process is emotional. The process is long. As Tim always says, “It’s a marathon and not a sprint.” Many successful traders enter into a period of self-doubt where they briefly contemplate if trading is even the right path for them, but with their insane drive they keep on with the process. They continue those boring old habits mentioned above, but they are always working to improve. Then, when a hot sector hits and ALLLLL of that preparation and work they put in during the “off season” they are ready to capitalize on the opportunities.

But they miss out on profits and setups the first few times these hot markets pop up. Not that they didn’t learn from the work they put in; instead, they didn’t have the experience. Mastering anything takes practice and focus. It took countless repetition for us to be able to talk, walk, read, write, memorize the alphabet, etc. Same goes into learning setups.

Cold Truth


The reality behind these “Cheat Codes” is that these traders are Trusting the Process.

Process OVER Profits.

As you learn about yourself and your journey, make sure to write down your rules you learn along the way. The rules you develop during your trading career are the ultimate Trading “Cheat Codes” because the moment you try to “cheat your codes” you lose. They become your rules for a reason.

This is the cold truth behind trading. You create your own Trading “Cheat Codes” but you can adopt and adjust the rules and lessons you’ve learned from others along the way.

Having positive role models such as the millionaire’s in Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge is incredible because they share their wisdom. This exclusive community gives back to help the next trader learn the rules that helped them succeed. What goes around truly can come back around and that is why I wanted to “expose”/share these mysterious Trading “Cheat Codes” with you!

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