Happy Weekend Everyone! 

Since “The BIG Surprise” has been announced on my new YouTube channel, you all have provided me with nothing but the most positive feedback! Reading all of your comments has made me feel so grateful to be able to contribute something of such value into the trading community. By inspiring, motivating, providing value, and helping us all grow as traders feels like such a wonderful accomplishment that I am honored to write this blog post about TraderSync!


TraderSync is an all-in-one trading journal programmed by a team who understands traders. Some have even been a part of Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge so they understand the importance of a detailed trading journal! But what makes this trading journal so different that every trader is beginning to take advantage of this online journal?

  • First and foremost, convenience! I don’t know of any other trading journal that is so personalized, easy to use, and mobile! Everything you upload from a computer is automatically saved and easy to access from your phone and vise versa. Traders have been downloading the app and off they go! You can now review your trades from ANYWHERE!!!
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  • Not to mention, NEVER AGAIN will you have to ask Tim Grittani or any other trader how they track their trades using spreadsheets! TraderSync has put meticulous thought into developing this journal for the DETAILED needs of every trader by using AI. Have you ever wondered what day you’re most successful, what time, which strategy, etc?! This tracks all of that AND MORE!
 Trading Journal + AI
  • This trading journal helps you take MORE PROFITS! How can a trading journal help you make more money? Not only is this every traders best friend, but it is a best friend with benefits! Too good to be true? Not really! By choosing the level that helps you perform your best, you can type what price you are buying (or shorting) a stock (options, forex, etc.), set your Target profit or percent Target, then it automatically calculates the price you need to sell (or cover) once your Target has been reached! Of course, this is yours to personalize to suit your strategy as a successful trader!  This is one of my FAVORITE features as this benefit allowed me to stay green on my last paper trade that I explain in my first YouTube video! In all honesty, if I did not have this journal, I would have been red that day for a small loss. Watch this video as I explain!
  • Import Your TradesCustomize your setup, and MUCH MUCH more! Why are all these features so important? Most traders have experience under their belt so switching to a new trading journal may seem like a hassle. Well, this would fall under the convenience category as you can import all your trades straight from Profit.ly and your broker!
  • Perfect for Beginners as many don’t know where to start. They hear Tim and other successful/millionaire traders saying they track everything in a trading journal. But what do they track? This takes out all of the guess work and makes you feel professional with a sense of direction and confidence. No more will beginners have to struggle with feeling they are lost. This trading journal is a Must Have in your journey towards self sufficiency!
  • Stress-Free for Parents! Being a single mom I need something that is quick and easy! That doesn’t come around very often and if it does, you typically need to be skeptical, especially in the world of day trading penny stocks! I had my share of doubts… But after I gave TraderSync Elite a chance, I am hooked for life and cannot imagine my trading journey towards success without it! I’m telling you, TraderSync has thought of it all, but There’s MORE! 
  • As Tim Sykes says, “You Choose Your Level of Dedication!” You can try out TraderSync’s 7 Day Free Trial to gain an idea of what this revolutionary journal is about. Checkout their YouTube channel to learn how easy it is to use as they are always looking for ways and ideas to make this the Best Trading Journal out there! Leave feedback! They are so happy to help as they have such pleasant customer service!

In Conclusions

I have to thank Timothy Sykes for influencing and inspiring such a wonderful trading community that wants to help each other grow! And I must say that TraderSync is equally as important to the growth and success of all traders. With my experience using this trading journal, it is too good to keep to myself. I must stay transparent and push on to next-level success. By upgrading my trading journal to Elite, I am ready to conquer live trading, YouTube recaps, and success towards self-sufficiency as a real trader! Thanks to TraderSync, we all can work towards greatness in penny stock trading!

Click this link and checkout TraderSync then find me and TraderSync on Twitter @tessalamping and @tradersync to tag us with a screenshot of you using this trading journal so you can be retweeted to show others how amazing it is to feel confident when tracking your trades and let everyone know it no longer has to be a guessing game!

Thank you everyone and enjoy your study weekend!

All Photos Courtesy of TraderSync

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