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Good Morning Everyone!

This week I would like to talk about my Top 5 Favorite Traders

(This was a question that a fellow trader asked me on #YouTube so make sure to leave comments with questions or topics you would like me to cover in future posts and or videos!)

  • Who are my top 5 favorite traders
  • Why are they my top 5 favorite traders
  • How their stories have inspired me through my journey
  • How they could help you on your journey
  • and Why it is a great idea to follow these traders on social networking sites!

So let’s get into it..

Top 5 Favorite Traders

First on my list is….

Number 1. Timothy Sykes

Social Media: @timothysykes


Why Is Tim One of My Favorite Traders

This is the man who started it all! Okay, maybe not ALL of trading, but started me on my trading journey. As I came across his famous ads on the internet, I was immediately hooked! I quit the Forex gig and fell in love with Penny Stocks! The reason I choose Tim as my number one trader is due to the fact he is my teacher (I am officially a Trading Challenge Student!) and he is the man who taught SO many others; including the traders I will list below.


Tim’s dedication to charity inspires my to reach my childhood goals of helping others and he has given me the chance to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything with enough hard work. This should inspire you to reach your dreams too! I love what his charity, Karmagawa, does for the world which deserves a blog post to itself! The harder you work, the luckier you get!

How He Can Help You

So how did this man create so many millionaires, 6-figure, and 5-figure students? He has over 20 years of trading experience (all verified on his website, and he has been teaching for over TEN YEARS! From the second I listened to his ad on #YouTube, as many of you probably have, his transparency and honesty had me hooked. He has over 1,000 videos published, for FREE, on YouTube for those who want to study but may not have the funds to begin right away. This gives you a chance to study and save until you can advance your education like I have done!

Tim is an inspiration to me and Many Many Many other traders!

(Mind You, The Rest of My Favorite Trader are in No Particular Order of Favoritism as They ALL Have Major Importance)

Number 2. Mark Croock

Social Media: @thehonestcroock

Mark Croock

Why Mark is One of My Favorite Traders

Mark Croock is one of the mentors inside of the Millionaire Trading Challenge. He is such a humble trader and has spent years helping students all while achieving his own successes. Mark has recently crossed the $2 million milestone and now teaches people how they can profit by trading options.


His story is so relatable that I find him inspiring. Mark started in an office job like many of us have experienced. For me, I had my future laid in front of me by the age of 18 behind a desk and seeing that someone in their fifties was my manager who barely made more than I did while she had over 20+ years of experience but her reward was more work.. NO! I couldn’t do it. But hearing and reading about Mark going from a desk job to now multimillionaire trader was incredible!

How He Can Help You

Mark Croock was able to move to his home in Florida, meet the love of his life and now has a beautiful family, all while moving up as a trader. His story is so relatable! He is a quiet and humble fella that I think everyone should follow on social media and learn from. Here is one of the blog posts on that you can read that Mark wrote. You have the most access to him by joining the Millionaire Trading Challenge, which I hope to see you there!

Number 3. Tim Grittani

Social Media @kroyrunner89

Grittani’s School

Why is Grittani One of My Favorite Traders

Another very important trader I would like to highlight is Tim Grittani. He is known as Tim’s most successful student who turned $1500 into now over $11 Million in verified trading profits on! Above is a photo where Tim Sykes had a school opened in Grittani’s name. How wonderful that they work so hard to educate children around the world! I think it is amazing how Grittani brings his wife along and includes her in his success! They now have a beautiful baby who accompanies Grittani with his trades. How adorable!

How He Can Help You

Grittani is the creator of Trading Tickers; a DVD that lets you explore his tactics to trading. This DVD is beyond helpful and a MUST-WATCH for every trader out there regardless of your experience. Tim Grittani also has many webinars within the Trading Challenge! He is such a kind and humble trader who has given traders some important rules to trading found Here on Tim Grittani’s Blog called Trade the Ticker!


His story inspires me as he was working a part-time job at State Farm which allowed him to save up enough money to fund his trading accounts (with the help of his parents) all while His parents allowed him to live with them given there were a few trading requirements that Tim Grittani had to meet.

Grittani is also known for not profiting the first nine-months of his trading journey! This has proven to be such a relief to new traders. The most successful day trader took nine-months of small wins and losses and no trades or break even before he started to become consistent! Grittani is also known for his spreadsheets! Most traders are confused on how to set them up to track their trades which is why some of Tim Sykes Challenge Students designed Trader Sync! This online trading journal takes all the guesswork away and leaves you with such a wonderful and convenient way to track your trades! I use the Elite version and I love it!

Number 4. Michael Goode

Social Media: @goodetrades

Michael Goode

Why Goode is One of My Favorite Traders

Michael Goode is known to be Tim Sykes “First Hater” turned into Timothy Sykes First Millionaire Student! He wrote a blog post on his website, Goode Trades, saying that Tim was full of Bullship (Bullship because Tim’s original company was BullShip Press). The reason I choose Michael Goode is because he is a very up front and honest person. He is very helpful and kind without covering you in frosting and sprinkles. Michael Goode gave Tim a chance and rewrote a new post that explained how Tim is the Real Deal!


This trader is great inspiration for all of the critics out there! If anyone were to dig their claws deep into Timothy Sykes and rip him apart, it would be this man. But true to his research and credibility, Goode gave Tim the honest try that this teacher deserved. Within a reasonable amount of time and effort, Goode was on his way to millionaire status! If that isn’t inspirational, then I don’t know what is. But of course, always perform your own due diligence before investing your hard-earned money! Goode has since updated that blog post expressing Tim’s legitimacy.

How Goode Can Help You

Michael Goode is one of the chat moderators within the TimAlerts chatroom and in the Challenge Chatroom! He is very helpful to students when asked questions. How To Read SEC Filings is a very detailed DVD that goes in-depth about picking a part those detailed SEC filings that are filed by companies that you always see being released. I HIGHLY recommend this DVD as it is SO informative and detailed! This DVD was one of the first that I bought when beginning my journey. I LOVE it!

Number 5. Tim Bohen

Social Media: @tbohen

Tim Bohen with StocksToTrade

Why Tim Bohen is One of my Favorite Traders

Tim Bohen is on the same level as those listed above. He has been one of Tim’s students for YEARS! As a part-time trader, Bohen has been dedicated and continued to be an incredible trader. He is very active on Twitter so make sure you are following him. He is on my list for favorites as his story is very inspiring and his motivation is insane! Tim Bohen has proven his dedication over the years which you can find his blog here!


I find Tim Bohen very inspiring as he has loved stocks since his elementary years, is a family man, and insanely active in his daily life! He owned his own business when he began trading before he turned into a full-time trader. He is also an inspiring writer!

How Bohen Can Help You

Tim Bohen is the lead trainer on StocksToTrade which is the best screening software designed by Timothy Sykes and his team Just For Penny Stocks! You can find blog posts, YouTube videos, or even sign up to be one of Tim Bohen’s Students at StocksToTrade Pro where Michael “Huddie” Hudson is found teaching with him! Huddie is one of Tim Sykes’s newest successful students which I will get into. Bohen is also one of the folks on the Steady Trade Podcast along with, Timothy Sykes Student; Stephen Johnson who has documented his entire trading journey on YouTube, and Amazing Author and all around Inspirational Woman; Kim Ann Curtin who wrote the book, “Transforming Wall Street,” Founder & CEO of The Wall Street Coach! I absolutely ADORE this woman as someone I look up to. She is very adamant about documenting the journeys of women traders as she has found it fascinating that there aren’t more. Her encouragement and enthusiasm is magnificent and I am honored that she invited me on to the Steady Trade Podcast that will be released soon! Kim is a very dedicated woman who is diving deeper into the world of trading as she begins her journey as a female trader!

Extra Trader Number 6. Roland Wolf

Social Media: @RolandWolf86

Roland Wolf

Why Roland Wolf is One of My Favorite Traders

Roland Wolf is one of Tim’s fastest account-growing student! He has turned $4k of his hard-earned money into nearly one million within an extremely short amount of time. He is very humble and very happy to help others.


This man is a father, a husband, a mentor to his own students, and an all around diverse guy. He began trading due to a soccer injury that led him to seek out other opportunities. With an incredible wife by his side, Roland was able to work while putting in 17 hours of studying every day to reach his success! By no means is being a working family man an easy task. That is why having his partner by his side was one of the most inspiring things about Roland’s story in my humble opinion. These two make the perfect team!

How Roland Can Help You

Roland understands what it is like to be a parent and a husband all while making a career out of trading. This guy signed up as a student of Timothy Sykes and has spent his time discussing his path towards success. Roland Wolf has his own YouTube Channel and now has his own website where you can become his student and learn his tactics to consistent profits!

Bonus Traders!!

I know I said I would talk about my Top 5 Traders and I even threw in an extra, but I want to throw in several BONUS traders that are up and coming success stories that will help you with your journey! These traders are all Students of Timothy Sykes and deserve your attention! Make sure to click the links and follow them. All can be found on YouTube, Blog Posts, Twitter and much more if you type in their names.

Each one of them is very inspiring, very helpful, and are all over $100k in trading profits! Each have a little something special to offer if you take the extra time to research about them. They are young and incredibly motivated towards their trading success!

Huddie can be found on StocksToTrade Pro.

Kyle, Jack, and Mathew can be found on the Steady Trade TWIST Podcast.

John Papa is a Challenge Student that posts YouTube recaps videos under Sublime Trades and SmallCap Rockets with Matthew Monaco. Check him out as he is another inspirational and influential trader!

And Last but not least, Dan Irish can be found helping traders with YouTube Videos under Day Trade Recapz!

A Special Acknowledgement!

Tim’s Top Female Student and Mother of Taking Singles

Mariana Hincapie Courtesy Photo of Her Twitter

This amazing trader is Mariana Hincapie also recently known for being Timothy Sykes TOP Female Trading Challenge Student! “The Mother of Taking Singles” is what I am calling her after Timothy Sykes mentioned how he loves the way she pays attention to minimizing losses and locking in singles. She is the definition of Tims strategy. Sticking to rules, staying disciplined, nurturing her account and protecting it from major losses. Check out her Profitly to see how she does it!

I have to personally thank her for helping assist in my growth back into OTCs. She is so encouraging and makes me step it up a notch so I can start growing my potential and my trading account by trusting my knowledge. She is a major inspiration for me and EVERYONE MUST follow her on Twitter. You can see her interview below from the Steady Trade TWIST team to get to know her background some more. She is such a humble trader with the sweetest and most encouraging personality! It truly is an honor to be able to pick her brain trading!

Steady Trade TWIST with Mariana Hincapie

Hopefully this post inspires you to continue on your journey towards consistent profits! Make sure to dig deeper into their adventures and I hope to be able to add YOU to the list! To have the best chance of success, become a student of Timothy Sykes by joining his Millionaire Trading Challenge!

I look forward to seeing you in the chat!


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