The Trading Journal To Boost Your Performance


TraderSync is an all-in-one trading journal programmed by a team who understands traders. Some have even been a part of Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge so they understand the importance of a detailed trading journal! But what makes this trading journal so different that every trader is beginning to take advantage of this online journal?

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Now Anyone Can Trade Like a Wall St. Pro


I have been trading safe and testing out my trading platform with the broker integration feature. What platform am I talking about? The one and only StockToTrade software!!! .... Wait, did I just say broker integration casually? Why yes I did, and I will explain more later!

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Interact & Learn With The Best Traders Online

Is a platform that trains traders (new and experienced) for battle! Created by my teacher, The Penny Stock Legend and his team of experts; Timothy Sykes, had a vision... It was this man's life goal to create a community of transparent traders that shared their stories, tracked every trade, and interacted with each other by giving advice that they have learned along the way. By encouraging everyone, Timothy Sykes, has created over a handful of millionaires and is constantly seeking to train more. Are YOU up for his challenge?!

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So many thanks go to StocksToTrade for finding me such volatile opportunities, for training me for battle in these markets, and TraderSync for helping me narrow down my ability in this niche to my fullest potential! By giving credit to these remarkable platforms, I am able to hone in my skills, weed out my mistakes and accept them at face value. To become the best, I must accept my faults and focusing on my strengths, these tools allow me to perform my best and continue improving my skills on a daily basis.