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What Have I Been Up To

Sorry for being SUPER late this week! I have been working on three different labs for my college Term Project for this month along with several quizzes before my Final next Wednesday. Thank you for your patience!

Today I want to talk about something I have finally accomplished. This week I joined Timothy Sykes Millionaire Masters Program! I am very excited! Yes, I have been learning from Tim on YouTube; along with, Tim Gritanni, Roland Wolf, Steven Dux and some of Michael Goode’s videos. (If you are curious what I studied for a little over half a year before this program, read my Introduction blog.) They are great study guides if you are saving to join Tim’s Challenge/Programs, StocksToTrade Pro, Roland’s classes, Dux’s, Grittani’s, etc. 

Millionaire Masters Program

Included in this program I have several more DVDs, like:

– Penny Stocking ( https://bit.ly/2NrnygP ) , Penny Stocking Part Deux ( https://bit.ly/2t5ZbhT ) , and Spikeability ( https://bit.ly/375kkHq ) as I already have How To Make Millions , How To Read SEC Filings ( https://bit.ly/35UMvaG ) , Supernova Cheat Sheet  , and The Ultimate Guide To Biotech Stocks ( https://bit.ly/36ONGdb ). 

Besides DVDs:

– Access to SO many of Tim’s recap videos that he posts on Profit.ly for individual trades that you see him post on Twitter. Several Thousand of them categorized by content as he talks about so often. https://bit.ly/3a8T4Ki (Can’t wait to start digging into those! This is MY main motivation for joining)

– Chat Room access https://bit.ly/36ZLbFa ( I read throughout the day to see what is going on) 

– I now get alerted when Tim makes a trade and read about his mindset behind them and I will review the setup on StocksToTrade to understand the psychology. (Never Follow ANYONES trade alerts)

– I get emails daily full of homework to help me become a better trader.

– I already had the Profit.ly App as I found it in the store app that is downloaded automatically cell phones.

– Some Live Trading Recap Videos From The Virtual Trading Floor

– Daily Watch Lists from Tim and the reasons he chose those stocks and the plans he has for them if they preform a certain way. https://bit.ly/3a8T4Ki (I still receive his no cost weekly watchlist)

– Access to his book: An American HedgeFund (Which I already had before this and I SERIOUSLY recommend reading)

– His Trader Checklist (Which is no cost on traderchecklist.com

– And a Ticket to next years Trader and Investor Summit

So How Much $$ ?

How Much Did This Cost, I am sure you’re asking as I have been challenged by my mom to use every No-Cost resource I can Find available. It definitely took me several months to save this money and I waited for a very special opportunity given within a webinar that has been announced many times through his no-cost emails. I also heard about his Millionaire Masters Program ONCE before in a Youtube video, but never found much information on it ( I also didn’t research an insane amount as I didn’t have the funds for it). There is a Small Cap Millionaire option I believe I noticed on Tim’s Profit.ly (I also haven’t researched it). Anyways, I was fortunate to have been able to get upwards up $13,000 deal for a steal of a deal at 84% off. 


I feel SO thankful to be SO dedicated that I took advantage of this opportunity. Credit, It’s not the Millionaire Challenge that I want to be in SO bad, but it is a great advantage that I am not taking lightly! I have been studying every second that I am not busy with college ( and I still check in on Twitter during breaks to read a quick blogs by Tim.) Now I have access to watch these videos on my phone!!!!!!!!! Even when I am canning goodies with my grandparents I have the stock market on my laptop or videos going. My baby boy has his own laptop now to trade and watch stocks with me!!! Successfully trading requires intense amount of studies and No Days Off!  I even try to buy the books Timothy Sykes recommends to improve my history knowledge. Studying never ends, remember that! My breaks are when I am sleeping, and even then I have trading videos going during the night and I end up dreaming of stocks. So study, track, test, repeat and much more! 

New Book:



As always, Thanks again for reading this blog. I haven’t been trading much this month as I am taking notes of how the market is reacting to the news and choppy overall markets as Three out of Four stocks follow the market. I will write again next week! Good luck traders and study up! Also, hope you all are enjoying the Trader and Investor Summit as I will see you next year!

I want to provide a small disclaimer:

I am in NO way a professional nor do I claim to be. I do not manage anyones money nor do I want you to follow my trades. My posts are solely for entertainment purposes and for myself to become more transparent on my trading journey. I use these posts to track my own progress. I do NOT recommend you try my strategy or jump into trading without a verified guru/teacher. I am an untrained trader who has been practicing for 2 month and a few days with paper trading on StocksToTrade. I am up +$1300 for the month of June 27th – September. By the time you read this I may or may not have traded the stocks I post about. I will not guarantee you will profit from trading as 90% of traders lose. To become consistently profitable is not a typical result. I am in NO way responsible or liable for your decisions or actions as a trader. I, again, am not professional so there will be grammar and spelling errors. Just because I suggest something does not mean your results will be the same as mine if you try. My suggestions are what I am doing, have tried, and what may have or may have not worked for me. 

                             Hello there, My Name is Tessa Lamping and 
                                    thank you for reading my blog!


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