Welcome to another weekly blog post! How are you? Were you able to make it to the 2019 Trader and Investor Summit in Orlando!? I saw and heard about the amazing time so many of you had! I am happy you learned so much and had a blast. I look forward to meeting you next year. Make sure to leave comments about your weekend at the summit and how you plan on moving forward in your journey!!

This Week

I want to recap this week I had and what has happened. Honestly, not much trading has happened this week for me. I have been waking up at normal time, between 4-5am my time, checking the markets, but mostly studying. 

I HIGHLY recommend watching Timothy Sykes PennyStocking DVD https://bit.ly/3aeqp6L on profit.ly. Seeing chart after chart after chart after chart after chart after chart after chart after chart, along with, him explaining when to buy breakouts has been the most help I could’ve ever asked for. I mean, I had an idea of what he was talking about by reviewing a lot of his YouTube material, but it wasn’t until I watched that DVD that I finally had my, “AH-HA!” moment. After completing PennyStocking https://bit.ly/3aeqp6L , Penny Stocking Part Deux https://bit.ly/2uOv9Q9 , Spikeability https://bit.ly/2TnpPxj , the Moscow Presentation, and some live trading recaps, all within a few days, I have been able to practice finding breakouts today. I also, figured out the reason for the SCANS on StocksToTrade software that Mr. Sykes constantly talks about using that is prebuilt. I was able to recognize $PSTV premarket when it was around $12.99 then spiking until $17.51. I was preparing for the event that it spiked at market open, but history proved itself again and it crashed into the $4.00 range by market close.

“Sometimes The Best Trade Is No Trade”

 I found myself so distracted this week with my excitement of the new study guides that I didn’t want to make any more guesses when trading. Although I would go through the Trader Checklist (which I wouldn’t have been confident to trade without) I wasn’t 100% confident in the trades I would take. During Earnings season I thought I had it figured out, the overall market was green, there were plays every day it seemed, and my first trade ever I was green $200+. Now, this month, I haven’t even reached $200. The markets are red half the time, I have watched a few that were amazing plays but didn’t get “in on the action” and when I did trade, I shouldn’t have. I determined that my focus has not been on-point and if I want to step up my game and join the handful of top traders who are making millions or on their way to millions, then I need to refine. Also, I knew if I couldn’t join the Trader Summit this year, then I need to make up for the education on my own and really test my knowledge and advance my skill set. 


I will be spending this week honing in on my newfound knowledge and make sure that I wait for as perfect as plays as I have studied. I now understand how to use the SCANS on StocksToTrade to find the perfect stocks I want. I have learned how to identify the proper breakout accompanied by volume. I am learning to become disciplined and wait for the right setups. To track the right setups. To spot the right setups. To stalk the right stocks. And to attack when the moment presents itself. I am learning to become the ultimate sniper! A lioness stalking her prey! The only way to become consistent is by refining and more refining. Gather data and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. So, I will be taking notes on how often a play may come into my line of sight. Or the time of day that this strategy may work. Or the exchange that fits my strategy most often. I am also updating my watch lists by the exchanges. I already have an OTC, but now I will have a NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ to help organize my results. I also have alerts that make me aware of changes that happen within my watch lists. Make sure to take advantage of that in StocksToTrade!


This weeks’ plan is to track, research, and assess my results of my newfound knowledge along with reviewing the Live Webinars before I conquer the 6,000+ archived videos that Tim Sykes always mentions https://bit.ly/3a8T4Ki . I am looking forward to those and plan on dedicating much time to studying. 

Thank you for reading another week! 
To gain an idea of what the Trader and Investor Summits are like click the links below:

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Trader and Investor Summit https://bit.ly/2soZoMJ

Leave a comment about your plans for the week and the experience you had at the summit or what you think about these DvDs! 

Enjoy your week, Thank you!

I want to provide a small disclaimer:

I am in NO way a professional nor do I claim to be. I do not manage anyone’s money nor do I want you to follow my trades. My posts are solely for entertainment purposes and for myself to become more transparent on my trading journey. I use these posts to track my own progress. I do NOT recommend you try my strategy or jump into trading without a verified guru/teacher. I am an untrained trader who has been practicing for 2 month and a few days with paper trading on StocksToTrade. I am up +$1300 for the month of June 27th – September. By the time you read this I may or may not have traded the stocks I post about. I will not guarantee you will profit from trading as 90% of traders lose. To become consistently profitable is not a typical result. I am in NO way responsible or liable for your decisions or actions as a trader. I, again, am not professional so there will be grammar and spelling errors. Just because I suggest something does not mean your results will be the same as mine if you try. My suggestions are what I am doing, have tried, and what may have or may have not worked for me. 

                             Hello there, My Name is Tessa Lamping and 
                                    thanks again for reading my blog!


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