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Hopefully you all are trading safe and loving these 60, 90, 100, 200+ percent gainers we are having due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak that seems to be spreading rapidly throughout the world and causing a panic to the overall major markets.
I have been trading safe and testing out my trading platform with the broker integration feature. What platform am I talking about? The one and only StockToTrade software!!! …. Wait, did I just say broker integration casually? Why yes I did, and I will explain more later!

Why Only The Best Traders Use This, and EVERY Trader Needs This!

What makes this software so much better and a MUST HAVE?! StocksToTrade was created by The Penny Stock Father, Timothy Sykes, and his team of tech geniuses! Combined with skill and experience was born this revolutionary penny stock trading platform. It is nearly impossible to find the best stocks to trade without it. 

What Makes This Technology Revolutionary?!

No other platform, free or paid, has 40+ built in scans that are geared specifically for this niche. Don’t believe, then compare them yourself and try not to give in to FOMO when you hear about every other trader on Twitter who is excited about the profits they just raked in because they found that stock on StocksToTrade. Feel free to take advantage of their week trial and leave a comment telling me all about your experience! Play around with the scans and see the magic unfold!

Experiencing FOMO?

Speaking of FOMO (fear of missing out) and Twitter…. Did you know StocksToTrade has a built in LIVE Twitter feed that streams the most recent tweets directly to your screen? Well, you do now! You have the option of adding your own Twitter or using the one already provided. Just type in your ticker and click the tab at the bottom right box which says, “Twitter Feed” and voila! Instant streaming access! See what the buzz is all about when researching your stock in question. You can also create a custom Twitter Scan that will appear on your left as the photo below will show both examples. Hint: This is one of Tim’s Trading Tactics!

Tim and His Not So Secret, Secrets!

You’re craving more of Tims Tactics? If you look above and are wondering what the green flags are, then let me answer that for you. Welcome to the live news! You can be alerted as soon as news comes out about a particular stock. This cuts out the hassle of searching many different websites just to find information on the stock.  Not only can you find news out that way, but you can look on the top left corner where the Twitter scanner can be created and add your very own custom news scanner as well. This will appear on the left of your screen as a box, just like the one you see in the photo above under my, “New Highs” box.. which is another option provided by StocksToTrade. There are SO MANY MORE, but to explain everything here would cause you to read for hours. I love this software so much I could, but I am sure you want an overview. Simply try out this software by visiting this link and leave me comments all about what you think of it! 

But Wait… There’s MORE!

More features that I like to use is the customization on the right, this allows me to show multiple charts at once. This helps when I am watching breakouts, red to green, break downs, etc. You can customize colors, charts, days, displays, and just about anything else you can think of. I know this sure comes in handy for me! How often do you see traders with one chart on their screen, I know Tim Sykes does, but Tim Grittani keeps his eye on multiple time frames; like in Trading Tickers. I highly suggest you become intimately familiar with Tim Grittani’s trading style as a boost towards your success! 


Maybe your curious about the ticker’s SEC Filings.. perhaps you need to know about their earnings reports, dilutions, the owners, News, Events, you might want to Chat with other traders from StocksToTrade, you could be looking for the Profile of the company in question, Key Statistics that are a must, maybe Related companies that could provide sympathy plays, Ratings, that Twitter Feed, you need to place your Order, or anything else that could give you that EDGE! NOT TO WORRY! Everything is provided right here in the bottom left corner under each tab for a very clean and organized manner. Simply click on the tab and information is at your service! As I mentioned above, StocksToTrade has broker integration which allows you to hook up to your broker and execute trades right from this trading platform!

Your Artificial Best Friend!

Stocks To Trade is that artificially intelligent best friend that even helps you create a specialized watchlist of the hottest stocks. Timothy Sykes always talks about top % gainers, but what about the extra details everyone needs to know? Where is the next support line? When would be a potential short? Where could I buy if the stock is a potential long? Have No Fear, StocksToTrade is Here! Your new best friends name is Oracle! Oracle provides you with a special daily watchlist that provides you with that EDGE ahead of other traders that are not utilizing this revolutionary trading tactic. By clicking on any ticker that is provided in the watch list, Oracle tells you if it’s more than likely a potential long or short and potential entries! Now how amazing is that?! You don’t have to answer, just go and use it. Let your experience and profits talk for you.. unless you want to leave me, Timothy Sykes, and StocksToTrade comments on Twitter letting us know how much you LOVE this software and how you can’t believe you ever thought about trading without it. 

Do YOU Have What it Takes to BE the Best?

Once you have this amazing software and your experience starts adding up and profits along with it, you have to keep track of the setups you are using. Say you used the tools and drew triangles on the setups you are looking to breakout, not only does StocksToTrade store that information, but you can take screen shots and upload every detail of you trade onto your specialized trading journal on Trader Sync to complete your professionalism as a growing Penny Stock Trader! Profit.ly adds transparency and Trader Sync adds that extra UMPH to your trading arsenal. Think your excel spreadsheet does it all or your notebook? Think again, check out my blog post, Trader Sync, and find out why every trader is integrating this online journal into their daily lives! Take your trades anywhere with the TraderSync app! And soon you will have StocksToTrade on the go with you too!!! Opps.. did I tell you another, not so secret, secret? Only the traders who want the best EDGE in trading use these revolutionary tools! Do you have the right mindset? Strive for greatness! Strive for Success! 


I use StocksToTrade daily and so do the great traders that I learn from like Timothy Sykes TOP students. If you want the best opportunities to become a profitable trader then you need the best tools.  I hope this blog post helps you in your journey towards greatness and I thank everyone for all of your positive feedback! Make sure to head over to YouTube and type Tessa Lamping into the search bar to find even more content. See which setups I talk about, what trades I am reviewing, etc! Get to really know what it’s like to be a parents and a trader learning under Timothy Sykes! If I can do it, then so can you! Make sure to leave comments, follow me on social media, and subscribe to my blogs and Youtube videos in order to have access to all information from me instantly with that special notification!
Thanks Again and Safe Trading!



  • Juan says:

    Hello Tessa,
    I’m thinking about getting STT but there are too many bad reviews about the platform and how it crashes on a daily basis for many users. Have you experienced any of these issues with crashes?

    • tladmin says:

      Hello there,

      I personally LOVE StocksToTrade and I think everyone should be using it to find their stocks. It has crashed on me a few times due to massive amounts of users but they are updating servers in response to such demands for the use of their platform. This is still a new business that is constantly improving. I love them. But this is my opinion and it never hurts to try them out.

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