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Hey Everyone! Tune into the 154th Episode of the SteadyTrade Podcast as Kim Ann Curtin interviews Single Mom & Newbie Trader Tessa Lamping as she takes on the world of trading! Today I am happy to announce the airing of my featuring on the legendary Steady Trade Podcast hosted by the intelligent and well-respected author of Transforming Wall Street; Founder & CEO of The Wall Street Coach, Kim Ann Curtin! Unfortunately, Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson (also hosts of the podcast) could not make it, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the depths of being a woman within the male dominant world of trading! Not only are women taking the leap of faith in themselves but juggling trading while parenting!

This episode of the SteadyTrade Podcast Kim dives deep into the life of young, single mom, Tessa Lamping; what her life was like before and after discovering Timothy Sykes and his Millionaire Trading Challenge; her goals moving forward as a female trader; how Kim is beginning her trading journey; and how this paves the way for parents to be encouraged to integrate trading into their lifestyle!

Fresh Beginnings

Life Before Trading

I have been ambitious from a young age. You could find me in the newspaper; once in awhile, as I paved my way through sports including starring on the boys varsity football team. Now fast forwarding a bit… my next ambitious move was graduating college with my Associate’s Degree before graduating high school.

Next was traveling internationally making my way as a super model by strutting my stuff down the runway, becoming familiar in fashion magazines, videos, etc. and beginning my networking journey all while holding down a career in the private sector. Incase you haven’t noticed yet, I have always dreamt of a successful life. Whatever I want.. I work very hard to get! Or at least try my best.

Steady Trade Podcast Episode: 154 with Single Mom and Newbie Trader Tessa Lamping

Invest in Yourself!

“My biggest downfall has been relationships; meaning my time has been seriously halted by trying to help others reach their potential all while pressing the pause button on mine. These experiences have taught me that I can only help others succeed once I have reached my own success or we are mutually working together.”

Tessa Lamping

Tessa Lamping Says Goodbye to the 9-5!

By age 19, I was setting myself up to purchasing two houses on thirteen acres. So I thought.. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the legal process and I had never heard of the term “notary” before. Not only did my landlords use fake aliases that the bank questioned, but they snuck into my home and stole the contract we agreed to for the sale and purchase of the houses and property- all while I was away at work. Next they were claiming that those of us living in the houses were all squatters. Needless to say I left as I didn’t want the court battle. What another fun lesson to learn young. So back to the drawing board I was.

I ended up leaving my career in the private sector once reality set in. The hard truth told me I could be stuck in the same place 30+ years later and my pay barely increasing. Veterans of the office life told me that I am too young to waste the rest of my life here and that they don’t want to see my passion fade. After being promoted to this position and seeing the next thirty years ahead of me, the company gave me more work as the leader of projects with NO pay raise.

Needless to say I was annoyed with putting in the work to make money only to be spending it on my ex to support his car addictions amongst other annoying habits while he stayed home to fish all day, etc.

Always Perform Your Own Due Diligence

Back to being single and trying to pursue my career in the fashion industry, I had run across the dark side of the social industry. Mingling with snakes I learned valuable lessons regarding snake oil which changed my life forever!

Along this path I fell into an insanely abusive and controlling relationship. He advertised himself as a multimillionaire night club owner that promised to help me with my fashion career through his many “connections”. You could call this my first experience with a “Promotor”. LOL

We began as friends and then history unraveled. I volunteered a majority of my time to his grandmother whom was very ill with cancer, amongst other illnesses… There is a long and detailed story to this so I will make it quick… I felt bad about the care she was receiving by the “maids” that her grandson “hired”… so I took over.

Steady Trade Podcast Episode: 154 with Single Mom and Newbie Trader Tessa Lamping
@the_tipsy_nomad SteadyTrade Podcast with Tessa Lamping

As in Life, As in Trading… Refine, Refine, Refine!

Rule #1 – Cut Losses Quickly

It turns out that he wasn’t anything to brag about and I won’t disclose all the details at this time. That will be a future book. Let’s just say I am lucky to be alive and the situation was very heartbreaking. The purpose of my stay was comforting this loving woman as long as I could bare. Due to the nature of her grandson, he deliberately ruined the majority of my modeling career. Fortunately, after many months passing, I was able to sneak away while he was asleep (literally). Don’t worry, legal arrangements were made for the care of his grandmother for the last months of her life before I left. Once she was officially relocated, I made sure to visit her and remind her how much she meant to me. She was a very interesting woman!

Another story that may be found in a future book is how I became blessed with my precious son. But this is another situation within this fiasco that doesn’t need to be born into abundant detail. But moral of the story (and this is what was rumored to me and I have not been able to confirm but has been repeated by multiple people that it occurred) don’t trust anyone to bring you beverages when socializing in nightclubs, bars, etc. They may slip something into your drink and you won’t know what happened the rest of the night. You could easily wake up like nothing happened until strangers and people you know present you with many details. It’s sickening but a great lesson if you’re lucky to survive.

SteadyTrade Podcast with Tessa Lamping Inspires Those to Follow Their Heart

Steady Trade Podcast Episode: 154 with Single Mom and Newbie Trader Tessa Lamping
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Tessa’s Reason For Sharing on the Steady Trade Podcast is to Inspire and Encourage You!

The reason why I am sharing a little of my story is to inspire those who are going or have gone through abuse and have felt how hard it can be to leave the situation. I know, personally, how challenging it is to break through the psychological barrier and find strength to ask for help, reach out somehow, and change the situation.

Talking about it here is tough as I am not one to share personal details, but I want my transparency to show you how this lead me to the best aspects of my life. Not only did I gain a precious son out of that dangerous situation but it taught me a lot about my psychology. This story is actually common in the base form as there are many victims of abuse and I am mentioning it as an inspiration to those who may need to hear this so they can take the steps they need to create a better future for themselves! You will be happy you did!

The Next Step

Finding the Right Trading Strategy

Now pregnant from unknown circumstances coupled with moving back in with my parents and losing everything I worked so hard for, it was time to set myself up for a new line of success. Mind you, my goal was to have everything settled before ever thinking of children, I now had to manage something I never wanted to think about.

How will I work as a single mom? What career will support myself and my child yet pay for daycare and pay me enough to own a home? These are just some of the questions that circulated in my mind.

Anyways, pregnant, I decided that a tech career would probably be best for me. Given that the flexibility seemed more prevalent. The decision was made once my parents approved of the college. Looking around, most of the jobs were requiring bachelors degrees, so the process at Washington Technology University began. Now my life consisted of working two jobs, back to college full-time, and then stumbling across trading Forex and Crypto.

How Tessa found Tim and his Trading Challenge

My first experience with the markets came from a young Forex guru that I found on Instagram. The subscription I held was roughly $45 a month. This is when I began to learn about “pips” and leverage. Mind you, I didn’t make it very far before I stumbled across a Timothy Sykes online ad. I can’t remember if it was through Youtube, Instagram, or what, but I had listened to his FREE webinar and I was instantly hooked by his transparency. This was all after I had my fail at trying the crypto mining and finding out there’s no crypto ATM around me and so on and so forth. That was the end of my crypto experience.

I wrote the Forex guru requesting to cancel my subscription and my time was immediately spent trying to join the Trading Challenge! This was all so quick that I forgot what the priced in package said at the end of the webinar. My trust for Tim was immediate, without hesitation. With everyone else, I was very skeptical, but the honesty that Tim brought across the web was intense and I knew I needed to be a student.

My First Challenge Interview

The interview happened after I set myself up on the VIP list to show my dedication. My savings account read $500, which one of Tim’s videos or blogs said the amount was possible to trade with. Never did the thought of tuition cross my mind at this time.

The man who interviewed me was very encouraging. He simply directed me to save up and reapply again when I had more money. I never caught the price though.. I guess I was pumped full of excitement that it slipped my mind and I never wrote it down. The feeling of freedom had begun.

Life After Finding Timothy Sykes

Life as a Single Mom and Day Trader
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My Humble Beginnings

This is when the fun began! Every penny I made went into savings. Every free video lesson from Tim Sykes and his students via Youtube had been digested by my brain. Starting with ZERO knowledge of anything.. I knew exactly where to start! I typed in, Tim Sykes trading vocabulary and lessons began to pop-up on YouTube and Blog Posts. That’s where I started. I came across and read their dictionary. My brain spent every second that I wasn’t working or in school learning what the heck a First Green Day meant or candlesticks, or charting, or long, short, everything you could imagine!

With my little one growing in my belly, I could spend countless waking hours studying! Out of all the foreign trading jargon, my brain knew I needed to:

If I didn’t understand anything, I understood those Five important directions that Tim makes very clear! AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DID!

The Rest is History!

My Penny Stock Journey was Born

After investing in The Complete Penny Stock Course, there were a couple homework assignments inside. One assignment told me to begin a Twitter account. The other directed me to begin a blog to document my journey. Low and behold; My Penny Stock Journey was born! Never had I ever imagined this blog would turn into what it is today! But I have Timothy Sykes to thank for his transparency and dedication to his work and us as traders.

It’s imperative that I give a HUGE thanks to Kim for inviting me on this episode! She is the catalyst that has made one of my dreams become a reality and it is such an honor speaking with such a genuinely brilliant person!

SteadyTrade Podcast with Tessa Lamping

That’s A Wrap!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you watch the 154 Episode of the SteadyTrade Podcast featuring me, Tessa Lamping, to get the best story of how I went from Runway Model to Trading Mom! Otherwise Thank you all for tuning into this blog, watching the 154th Episode of the SteadyTrade Podcast, and following me this far. Hopefully you were able to take away something important from the episode as I HGHLY encourage you to work hard to reach your goals! If there is a will, there is a way and if you don’t like something, change it!

Make sure to leave a comment! I want to hear all about your journey and how you are improving as a trader.


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