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ScriptsToTrade is here and only growing in popularity amongst the trading community. Originally mentioned by Tim Grittani in his new Trading Tickers Two, he unleashed the beast known as ScriptsToTrade! As the rage continues and interest grows, traders are raving about the revolutionary scripts that this team of highly skilled coders and day traders have brought to the table.

Millionaire traders such as MadazMoney, TrueTrader, MarketOmega, HumbleTrader, Jack Kellogg, Mariana Hincapie, and many many many more; along with, the growing community of new traders and bloggers such as myself use the genius of ScriptsToTrade to assist in our trading journeys.

What is ScriptsToTrade?

How Do They Help?

So you might be asking, “What is ScriptsToTrade?” (I am a proud affiliate so to help you out here is my Discount Code: TESSA10) ScriptsToTrade is a group of traders with detailed skills in writing code called scripts for trading platforms exclusively for TradingView, ThinkOrSwim and now StocksToTrade (more details later). To break it down even further, they bring to life the vision traders have by writing scripts to help assist traders with their education/decisions on which stocks look like they have potential or to stay away from.

Here is a detailed video I made explaining with visual examples of how I incorporate ScriptsToTrade into my everyday trading life!

Trading Indicators

What I Use and Custom Work

My favorite indicators by ScriptsToTrade are:

Don’t forget Discount Code: TESSA10 for a great deal! (I’ll add the discount code at the end of the paragraphs that way you don’t have to scroll back up here.

  1. Abnormal Volume Indicator – this allows me to recognize when Abnormal Volume is surging into a trade which is ideal for my determined entry given my specific pattern! Once volume is recognized as Abnormal, ScriptsToTrade’s Abnormal Volume Indicator alerts this change by displaying an arrow pointing to the highlighted candle indicating that is where the volume is surging! This is what I look for when I want to enter my specific pattern and what I like when selling into strength to lock in profits. You will find this set for my intraday chart. Discount Code: TESSA10
  2. Sentiment Indicator – this is one of my new favorite indicators that allows me to focus on the bigger picture idea of my trading plan. I pair this indicator with the Abnormal Volume Indicator (listed above). The solid red, green and white colors allow me to have a calm emotional state and focused psychology by not focusing on every little color of the individual candle sticks. The trend is my friend in this case! If you watched the video I posted above, you will see that I use this on my intraday charts. Discount Code: Tessa10
  3. Gap Stats – You might be a trader who LOVES statistics or really wants to get into tracking statistics to improve your statistical “edge” in the markets. After all, the great millionaire traders all track statistics both with their results and the pattern’s. Well, here you go, ScriptsToTrade wrote a custom script that tracks the data FOR you! Once you download this indicator you have all the data right there on your screen. I have this on my daily chart! Discount Code: TESSA10
  4. Backside Indicator – You asked and they worked tirelessly to make you happy! This is truly an incredible indicator that is fancied by Both long and short biased traders! The one-of-a-kind Backside Indicator gives alerts when a stock is nearing the end of its supernova run. Backside indicator gives several warnings as it determines the back side of the supernova pattern. This indicator warns long traders with the alerts to Lock-in their profits or Not to chase as they may get caught at the top just before the stock trends to the downside of the inevitable downfall which brings out the thirst of the short sellers! Once the indicator announces the backside, shorts are ready to pounce and longs are exiting like mad-men. The amazing accuracy of this indicator has a win rate of 75-80%. ScriptsToTrade is so proud of this indicator that they have been tracking the accuracy with an entire blog dedicated to its performance! Their motto “Quality Over Quantity!” Discount Code: TESSA10
  5. Many More Indicators/Scans/Columns – They are growing in popularity and so is the variety of their work. They don’t only create indicators and scanners but columns too. What are columns? Well, if you use ThinkOrSwim and on the side where you have your tickers watchlist, you have your ticker column, price column, volume column, etc. These are the columns they customize too. Discount Code: TESSA10
  6. Custom Work – You don’t have to choose from the list they give you, these incredibly hard-working visionaries are more than happy to create custom scripts for fellow traders! The link I provided for their custom work is their Contact Information. Just send them an email with your request to inquire custom work (make sure they don’t already provide what you are looking for by checking out the work they already have available). Discount Code: TESSA10

Example of How I Read My Indicators:

Photo Courtesy of ThinkOrSwim

Abnormal Volume Explanation..

This was a stock I traded in the morning that goes by the OTC Ticker Symbol $DPLS (I am not sure the full name of the company as that is irrelevant to me). In this breakdown I want you to look at the bottom left chart with the light, bright blue arrows and highlighted candlestick. That is an example of the Abnormal Volume Indicator. The first arrow you can spot on the left side after consolidation where the bottom of the chart shows an increased volume bar. You might be wondering why I chose to use this indicator when all I have to do is look at the volume bar beneath, well yes, that is true but sometimes I forget to look below especially when I am waiting for the precise moment of entry. By having this indicator I save time and if you have been trading or have experience in life, then we have all heard the saying “Time is Money” and that’s exactly why I love the ease of this indicator. This saves me that crucial amount of time that that I spend typing and sending in my order versus the time it takes to look at the bar to determine abnormal volume. Consider this one of my Trading “Cheat Codes”.

Gap Stats Explanation..

The top left chart shows the Gap Stats Indicator with the various colors. This isn’t my strength but am learning to utilize this indicator to my advantage. By displaying the Gap Stats Indicator I have a statistical “Edge” that most trader don’t. The information is right here at my finger tips and I didn’t even have to back test nor track the history of the stock that I may not even have access to. In order to gather this information manually, I would have to track the statistics for maybe several years before I gain the amount of information to determine this kind of statistical edge. That kind of historical tracking isn’t possible for me as I don’t have access to that information nor do I have the time to find this information for every ticker, especially as a single mother. Thanks to ScriptsToTrade’s Gap Stats Indicator, I can determine what advantage I have when considering holding a stock over night. What are the odds that this stock is going to gap the next day? Of course I take into consideration other factors but this is a great source of information!

Sentiment Indicator Explanation…

Last but definitely not least is the Sentiment Indicator! This helps me with psychology most of all. Psychology is one of the biggest advantages and disadvantages a trader faces during their journey in my opinion. The solid colors of this indicator help me focus on the BIG picture. The big picture being my overall trading plan and the overall trend the pattern is partaking in. I am a 100% long biased trader at the time of this writing. Why do I mention this? That is because my experience is going long even though I do study the short side. My account is also a cash account so I cannot short any stocks. With that said, this indicator is also good for recognizing when not to be long and potential shorts.

The bottom right chart showing green clearly indicates a positive trend, the white begins to test a trend change so be prepared for it to go either way.. this is where I truly want to make sure I have a stop ready incase I need to cut my losses quickly. After watching where the indicator starts to turn white (with my pattern) this usually means it’s testing a KEY support level and once it breaks below that Key support, then I make sure I cut as the trend is about to break. Lastly, the red. The red shows me the trend has officially changed and I want to be OUT of the stock. That Key support level has broken and the chances of an uptrend and my confidence is out the door.

Now, I am not saying I trade solely off of the colors, I don’t. My trades are based off of my trading plan and I use this indicator to help keep my psychology in check. The solid green colors helps me become less emotional as I see that I am still “in the green” trend wise. As you notice the bottom right stock approaching the white, you can see that it is testing the KEY support level. Once that Key Support Level is broken the stock surges into complete panic full of red. (The Abnormal Volume Indicator arrows (on the left) shows the panic selling). Take note of how the bounce after the panic is still red. That tells me that the stock has high odds of continuing lower so if I were to dip buy into that panic then I want to sell into strength and make sure I don’t hold for too long!



Now that you are in love with the usefulness of ScriptsToTrade I am very confident that you want to know the pricing. Here are the details and my Discount Code: TESSA10. The link shows you the different prices, but don’t worry. These incredibly helpful resources do Not have reoccurring fees with the exception of the Backside indicator in which the quality and accuracy pays for itself. All of the rest are One-Time payments and I even threw in my discount code:TESSA10 throughout this post because I truly want to help you as much as this has helped me and who doesn’t appreciate a deal if it’s available?


Where Can I Use These?

Currently ScriptsToTrade’s work is supported by both ThinkOrSwim and TradingView BUT I am proud to announce that I have assisted with the partnership between StocksToTrade and ScriptsToTrade! StocksToTrade is a revolutionary scanner as is and it only seemed fit that they partner with the genius of ScriptsToTrade to create such a platform for traders that has never existed before to my knowledge! Welcome to the new age of trading where the convenience and edge is at your fingertips with ONE Platform. And I am beyond proud to have helped with their partnership! This is just the beginning of something beautiful!

After testing this for awhile and being a customer of the work I write about, I truly want to present to you something I am confident and proud of. Hopefully my passion and love for my work comes across and has a positive impact that helps you along your journey. My goal for this post was to test the information before I presented it to you so that way I have knowledge and experience instead of giving you blind information. With that being said, feel free to message me and ScriptsToTrade with questions as we are beyond happy to help! you can find them @scriptstotrade and me @TessaLamping (watch out for scammers and imposters though).

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