Are you being scammed?
Are You Being Scammed?!

Maybe You Are Being Scammed and Didn’t Know It!

Are you being scammed and maybe not even know it? Well, this is a very disturbing post that was inspired by a recent event but you MUST read this to protect yourself and help those around you.

Just today I was made aware that there was an imposter account on Twitter going by the name of @TessaLampimg (notice the sneaky “m” in the last name replacing the “n” that should be there. How did I find out about this sneaky character? Thankfully I have a solid community of traders who sent me DM’s with screen shots of a fellow informing them that I am a scammer and stole $5k of his life savings. This close group of traders kindly informed him that he was scammed by an imposter who was pretending to be me. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time someone has tried doing this and won’t be the last. Here is a blog post I wrote last year when I first found out I had my first imposter. Make sure to read it and find out how to spot these shady people. Unfortunately, they are constantly trying to become trickier and tricker.

I took the time out of my day to reach out to the victim of this unfortunate but all too common situation and apologized for his experience and also thanked him for informing the community of such an imposter. Included in the public tweet I sent him was a request to quit pestering everyone with false information as he was affecting my reputation by his ignorance and lack of due diligence. This is an honest mistake on his part so I understood his actions. My condolences to his account and his negative experience and his frustration, desperation and anger are understandable.

Don’t Expect a Refund

Once it’s Gone… It’s Gone… UNLESS

This person is rightfully upset, he was scammed. But don’t expect to get a refund. The way these scammers work is through crypto wallets, WhatsApp, Wire Transfers and any other way they can think of to not be traced. (In this post I will include more REAL-LIFE conversations that YOU may end up having with an imposter who is trying to scam you so PLEASE read this full post.

(Disclaimer: NONE of the successful traders nor Timothy Sykes students will ever message you requesting they will make you money or trade for you. NONE of the traders are financial advisers and NONE will ask you to talk through WhatsApp!)

So here is one example of the frustration. My friend sent me her conversation with this person who reached out to her about “me”. This person was expecting me to pay because he lost his money to a scammer. So I reached out. This is truly frustrating for everyone involved. My feelings went out to him for his loss, but we all tried helping and adding free resources that he could use to grow his knowledge account to prevent such things from happening again. Also, in the Twitter battle we eventually got into, he was mad that I would not pay for his mistake nor would I teach him as I made it clear that I am not experienced. Later you will understand his frustration as he thought I was an incredibly experienced trader who traveled the world teaching in-person lessons.

The reason why I added the UNELSS in this sub heading is due to a statement that will be posted below. He claimed he spoke with his bank and due to his transaction being through debit and not credit, they could not refund his money. So if you are being scammed, perhaps if you use your credit card, you MIGHT be able to get your money back.

Actual Conversation Between Scammer and Victim

Don’t Let This Be YOU

Here is the conversation the Victim of this Scammer sent to my friend who I asked to forward it to me so I could write this post to warn others so hopefully this doesn’t happen to more people.


I apologize for the length of this post but I want to be 100% transparent and prepare you as much as possible so this doesn’t become YOU!

Conspiracy Theories are Born

Confusion and Frustration

The person who lost their money wasn’t able to recoup his losses. Instead of taking my advice after I reached out for him to read my FREE blog site which I have written about How to Spot Frauds, Fakes, and Scammers!, he decided to become angry with me saying I refuse to pay him back for scamming him. He claimed I am tricky and began accusing that I probably create scam/imposter accounts to scam people out of their money and switch between accounts pretending like I don’t know the imposter exists.

(Not saying that there’s not people who do that but as a single mom of a VERY active toddler, living with my parents, working, trading and never having to worry about finances, I sure as hell don’t have time nor the care to create scam accounts especially since I love being fully transparent and scamming people is seriously unethical and breaks my heart; NOT TO MENTION, my parents are in law enforcement and my dad has experience in cyber crime ((AND my bachelors degree that I graduated top of my class is in Cyber Security/Information Security)).)

Before reading the messages he sent my friend about the conversation he had with the scammer and as he convinced himself that the scammer was actually me under the other account; I truly started to think that this was a new form of scammery.

New Ways of Scamming

How Deep is the Rabbit Hole

Because of my frustration of not being able to help this guy mixed with his understandable frustration but lack of wanting to take responsibility or listen to anyone trying to help him (but not give him money) he told me his new mission was to warn everyone of my scamming. SO this lead me and several other students to consider this as a new form of scamming. I’ll explain as it sounds confusing.


  • Scammer claims to be scammed out of $5k by reputable person/service/or scammer.
  • Starts messaging everyone following the service/person informing the potential victim that they themselves were just scammed out of their life savings by the person/service/scammer.
  • Scammer asks for potential victim to help him get a “refund” by the person/service/scammer and now the victim.
  • Scammer now gets compensated money by the victim even though they were never scammed out of money to begin with because it was a new scam tactic/lie.

Here is a better explanation that one of the traders gave me about this scam tactic; apparently it happens often with services (first time I have been involved in such a scenario). I blocked out the name of the scammer (at the top who sent the message “I really need support”) and I blocked out the name/picture of the trader that informed me of this common scam occurrence.

This is also why I make it CLEAR that I, myself, am still a new trader. I don’t currently offer any services, I am not a teacher nor am I even consistently profitable yet. Yes, I would like to help others when I have more experience and can prove that I am a good trader by reaching the million dollar milestone within Tim Sykes’ millionaire challenge but I am FAR from that. Never will I message anyone on WhatsApp as I don’t even have WhatsApp nor will top traders message other people to join their service!

Another Example

Here is another example:

In this example he states his “friend” was scammed and “they” want help getting “their” money back.

This EXACT message was sent to at least over a handful of people that I know and EACH one of them either just blocked him recognizing the potential scam or they tried to point out that the conversation (the images I posted above are the conversations provided in the link he sent) he had was spoken to the @TessaLampimg imposter and not the real @TessaLamping that he listed in this mass message.

To some he realized his mistake and said he takes full responsibility but when I reached out and my patience wore thin, he denied responsibility and demanded I give him money. My tolerance for such laziness/ignorance was shot. Simply, I gave him one last chance before blocking him and so I went to his profile, saw 6 followers and out of the 6 followers 5 of them were imposters; one of Roland Wolf, Tim Grittani, MadazMoney, Jack Kellogg, and one more that I cant remember off the top of my head. Anyways, I told him to take a look at his followers and block them because they probably think he is now an easy target, I also mentioned that his apology to me was accepted in advance (or maybe I just thought that last part. lol).


Look Close

Remember the first picture I displayed in the post? It’s okay, below is the same picture except I added numbers.

Can you tell me which one is the REAL Tessa Lamping? Leave a comment below 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

To help you out, here is a blog post that will help you Identify Imposters.

Educate yourself so you don’t fall victim.

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