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CONGRATULATIONS to everyone posting on Twitter, the trades I have been reading on Profit.ly, and the messages I am receiving on social media, you all seem to be doing Fantastic trading! Whether you have been learning from this market madness, trading, or beginning your journey, the responses have been wonderful to hear! I am happy to say that my trading success is back on track as well! 
… Even during such economic disaster opportunities present themselves! 
.. And I am glad YOU are taking advantage of it!

Finding Your Edge

Trading takes times and so does finding your niche in the market. So many of the successful traders you look up to, read about, hear about, and so forth all began with their first steps. Curiosity began their journey, determination drove them forward, and success has kept them at it! But as you know the first steps in this never ending marathon begin with training…
Every athlete dedicates themselves to the niche in which they have burning passion to succeed. For us, this is trading. And we have to work our tails off to become consistent. But how do we manage this? Everyone has 24 hours in a day and it is up to YOU to devote your time wisely! Myself being a single mom, this means prioritizing and multitasking! 
As an old family member of mine once said, “Every expert was once a beginner.” – Rutherford B. Hayes (19th President of the United States)
 Here I will let you in on a, not-so-secret, secret that I use to optimize my journey and thousands upon thousands of traders use to take advantage of theirs…
What could this be…?!

Profit.ly is a platform that trains traders (new and experienced) for battle! Created by my teacher, The Penny Stock Legend and his team of experts; Timothy Sykes, had a vision… It was this man’s life goal to create a community of transparent traders that shared their stories, tracked every trade, and interacted with each other by giving advice that they have learned along the way. By encouraging everyone, Timothy Sykes, has created over a handful of millionaires and is constantly seeking to train more. Are YOU up for his challenge?!
This is one of the weapons that he arms us with when preparing to go to war with the markets!
(Make sure you are on the web version of this blog and take a look on the right. You will see my Profit.ly chart that shows every trade I have ever taken both with paper trading and real money.)

What is Profit.ly

Profit.ly is a trading community that provides transparency to all traders. 


  • Checkout Traders Profiles
  • Access Their Trades
  • See Their Watchlists
  • Watch Their Video Lessons
  • Ask Them Questions (via comments or messages)
  • Interact With Each Other and Learn
  • Create Your Own Profile
  • Track Your Own Trades
  • Post Your Own Watchlist
  • Make Your Own Videos
  • Follow Traders and They can Follow You
  • Get Notified When Your Favorite Traders Post a New Trade
  • Watch DVDs 
  • Access Tim Sykes 6k+ Video Lesson Archives
  • Access to Superman and His Content

Most traders, myself included, have gurus they are learning from. Timothy Sykes is mine. I am subscribed as a student with the complete PRO package. There are different kinds of Profit.ly Packages that allow you to track your trades and interact with other traders. You have the flexibility to choose what suits your needs!

   Pro Package

  • Verify Trades
  • Track Profits
  • Comment on Trades
  • Get on Leaderboards
  • Lead and Follow Traders
  • Message Other Traders
  • Sort and Filter Trades
  • Analyze Personal Trades
  • View Other Peoples Statistics
  • Private Profile

 Trader Package

  • Verify Trades
  • Track Profits
  • Comment on Trades
  • Get on Leaderboards
  • Lead and Follow Traders
  • Message Other Traders
  • Sort and Filter Trades
  • Private Profile 

Novice Package

  • Verify Trades
  • Track Profits
  • Comment on Trades
  • Get on Leaderboards
  • Lead and Follow Traders
  • View Other People Statistics
  • Private Profile

Also, Profit.ly is where you go to watch the thousands of video lessons and join in the chatrooms once subscribed to your Guru like Tim or Super Man!

I have access to so much information and I LOVE it!!!

Timothy Sykes Options include:

Super Man’s Options Include:


(I highly recommend you perform your own due diligence before choosing which guru and package suits your needs.  Each trader has her/his own unique trading style. When researching gurus make sure they are fully transparent as the ones above and have a complete record of their profits and losses, as well as, their students. Do not blindly follow any guru or the picks they provide. There is no guarantee you will become a millionaire but what says you can’t. Try your best, give it time, and study your butt off to be different than the 90% of traders that lose in this volatile market!)


Time = Money

As a trader you know that Time is Money. This could mean profits or losses… So when choosing the right tools you need something that is not only time efficient but money wise as well. We are ALL about Risk vs Reward and that means weighing the importance of our weapons that aid us on our journeys towards the market’s battlefield. With access to the internet, there are so many scammers trying to get your hard-earned money and the recession triggered by the CoronaVirus does not help your bank account. One thing that could potentially bring you in extra income is the stock market and I am not talking about investments, rather I mean Penny Stocks..

The Complete Package

To complete your training gear you will need access to the best Stock Scanner; StocksToTrade , Access to the best Training and Community of Transparent Traders; Profit.ly, and the Best Online Trading Journal That Tracks ALL Your Trades and Gives You Instant Statistics; TraderSync!


WAY TO GO!!!! You have all three weapons in your arsenal and are on your way to battle! 


To Wrap Things Up

I want to thank you for reading my blog and make sure I provide you with the best information that I currently know! We are all in this fight together and should continue showing support and helping each other grow. It is MY DUTY to pay-it-forward as my Guru has taught me. Without Timothy Sykes I would not be here today and I would not be honored with such an opportunity to spend time with my family and get to know you as well. This is such a beautiful way to make friends and become a virtual family. Thank you for sharing your successes and hardships and allowing me to share mine!

Make sure to leave comments on here and on my social medias, follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and as always, Subscribe to my blog to get instant notifications when I upload new posts, as well as, subscribing to my YouTube channel and ringing that bell!!!

I look forward to hearing from you,



  • Trading is a virtual battle for the people in today’s world. Competition is getting tough day by day. So rise up or face failure to trading. As a result, they need to be prepared for the battle. and do well in trading. Thanks for sharing this. I loved your article.

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