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Hello Everyone! While I was away on a much needed study getaway; into the deep woods of Mother Nature, my time was spent reflecting on how I can improve my trading by learning how to Master Studying Stocks From ANYWHERE! As I focused on this idea, my mind really fiddled with Tim’s concept of “Letting Trades Present Themselves.”

But what does he mean by letting the best plays present themselves and how can I master studying from anywhere? Well, I thought of it like this…

“Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation”

Zig Ziglar

Which means I need to prepare, organize, and have a plan!

How To Prepare To Study From Anywhere

In order to give myself the best opportunities on vacation I made sure to:

  • Join Tim’s Trading Challenge BEFORE Vacation
  • Bring DVDs Camping
  • Buy Portable MacBook Pro DVD Attachments
  • Bring Trading Books
  • Set Aside Specific Times to Study and Explore
  • Make sure I had a photographer to document my studying

Lessons, Lessons, Lessons

During my camping trip there were overwhelming amounts of mosquitoes. One after another were landing all over us and the amount I squished were in the hundreds. The very moment when those blood-suckers landed presented optimum opportunity to smack them!

After the last day, mixed with countless hours of studying Timothy Sykes’ DVDs; such as, New Rules of PennyStocking, Learn Level 2, PennyStocking, PennyStocking Part Deux, PennyStocking Framework, Read SEC Filings, ShortStocking, TimDicators, Tim Fundamentals Part Deux, TimRaw, TimTactics, and TimLineMy brain had an “AHA” moment!

So I felt like Tim Sykes and that very moment my trading analogy was born..

It goes a little something like this…

“Waiting for the best trades to come to me is like waiting for the mosquitoes to land; when they land it is easy to SMACK them just like waiting for the best setups are easiest to PROFIT… Chasing mosquitoes in the air correlates to chasing a play that you already missed. The best thing to do is not chase, instead wait for another to land right in your lap as there will always be another mosquito just like there will always be another great setup!”

Beautiful, Right!?

Okay, okay, it is a weird analogy but it works for what I am talking about. LOL

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Becoming One With My Inner Trader

Mastering My Psychology

After much contemplation and hundreds of bug bites combined… this thought HAD to be shared with everyone in the trading community. Beginners and Veterans alike!

Being from the countryside, this felt like the best way to explain what having a “Retired Mindset” means to me.

By gaining another notch on my trading psychology belt I truly feel like my destiny is trading. My days were spent studying in magical areas while appreciating the peaceful moments with my family. It became an adventure to find the best places to study. It wasn’t until my drive coming home that I thought of doing motivational study videos.. BUT I will keep that in mind for the future!

Photo by My Mom

I take the hashtag #NoDaysOff Seriously and YOU should too!

Success is A State of Mind

“Success is a State of Mind.. If You Want Success, Start Thinking of Yourself as a Success!”

Joyce Brothers

This is why being a part of Tim Sykes Millionaire Trading Challenge is detrimental to my trading success and if you want to explore the depths of your true potential then I encourage you to research your options as I have!

(Mind you, trading requires countless studying, research, and dedication. 90% of traders lose and profiting from trading is NOT guaranteed! Never follow anyone’s alerts and never risk more money than you are willing to lose. Always perform your own due diligence!)

Not only is trading fun, hard work, and requires an intimate relationship with your own psychology; some even consider trading relatable to video games, but my excitement comes from figuring out the various beautiful locations that I can bring my laptop and my kid for some peace while studying. Traveling and studying allows me to feel the freedom that Timothy Sykes has proven possible!

Master Studying Stocks From ANYWHERE!

Are You Ready?!

Studying and Trading plays with the same concept as Traveling and Trading that Timothy Sykes is known for! As a matter of fact, it is that very idea that hooks many traders into this lifestyle. Many of us dream of the freedom that trading can present to us. The hard work of our successes cuddled with the outcome of our dreams coming true is the fire that drives a trader.

Just as practical is the inspiration of #StudyFromAnywhere

Stepping along the path of Tim feels like Little Foot on the Land Before Time when the baby long neck dinosaur steps into the foot prints of the grown up dinosaurs. There’s so much room to grow and knowing that the time invested will one day pay off is satisfying. As long as there is dedication to #StudyFromAnywhere then there lies the possibility to one day #TravelAndTradeFromAnywhere

Vacation Wrap

The moral of this post is to get inspired by the possibilities and freedom that can come from trading. It doesn’t matter if you are a parent of kids, or of animals, etc, as long as you have a burning desire to enjoy life and be grateful with the direction you are heading; then you can document them in every fashion that makes you happy!

This road to freedom isn’t easy. It requires massive amounts of self-reflection, countless hours of defining and refining yourself as a trader, and time and time again of adapting to different environments.

As long as you want it, then you WILL find a way to make your dreams come true. The secret to making something life-changing happen is to believe in yourself and work to make your dreams come true. By setting aside time every day you gradually climb closer to your destination. You will find that a lot of the work is behind-the-scenes that many may not notice. They will tell you how lucky you are as you notice that you get luckier the harder you work!

Finding beautiful locations to study with my family while playing with my kid are the forces that drive me. By catching a glance of how I can travel, parent, and study in such divine locations now, motivates me for the day that I become better at trading. I can envision the day that I will be profiting much larger in the future, traveling, and spending time with my kid.

Make sure to leave comments if you liked this blog post! Where are the craziest places you studied? Where do you want to study or travel? Make sure to like, subscribe, follow me on social media, and let me know what your dreams are as a trader!


  • Kumar says:

    Keep up the good work and stay focussed!

  • Brendon says:

    I’ve been to Washington state. When I was a young teenager I went to summer camp in Wilber. I also went to the fair in Wenatchee Washington. Been to the Grand Coulee Dam too. Yep, mosqito’s. Yikes.

  • Sean says:

    Sounds like a great vacation. You are an inspiration. I have been studying Tim’s material for 6 months now and have had many doubts along the way. After reading your story I am left wondering if maybe I did not put enough time into studying. Time to double down and follow in your lead. Thank you and good luck. Next year I hope to be in the Millionaire Challenge.

    • tladmin says:

      That is so wonderful to hear! Definitely give yourself a longterm plan. I decided, for myself, to dedicate at LEAST 5 years just in studying to understand the material. The rest of my time after the 5 years I plan on mastering patterns. This way I don’t convince myself to rush, but instead trust the process! I look forward to seeing you in the challenge chat!

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