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Good Morning Everyone! Ready to learn how you can recognize Frauds, Fakes and Scammers on Twitter?!

My apologies for taking so long to put out a new blog post. As you can see my website has been upgraded thanks to a team with a dream! Thank you TraderSync for including me in your vision and I can’t thank you enough for your amazing online trading journal!

Today I want to talk about how you can Spot Frauds, Fakes and Scammers! After all, in the this industry of trading, there are many who are out to get your hard-earned money!

And that is NOT cool!

The image below was taken yesterday, by me, of a person named Jackson Maxwell (probably a fake name) who stole the photos of my teacher, Timothy Sykes (who is as real as it gets) and tried to start a conversation with me via Twitter.

This isn’t my first rodeo so I messaged him back asking why he stole my teachers’ photos and why he hasn’t joined the challenge to earn real money instead of trying to scam people. I also told him that he will have a hard time talking to girls if he begins the conversation with a lie. I didn’t wait for a response. I reported him to the Twitter Authorities and he has been removed.

frauds fakes and scammers
Fake Account

For those Wondering how I knew this Wasn’t the Real Timothy Sykes… Well let’s dive in deeper. Below is a photo of the REAL Timothy Sykes Twitter.

real account
Real Account

How many flags can you find?

Red Flag #1 The Name

First, and most noticeable, THE NAME.

Jackson Maxwell is NOT Timothy Sykes. Seems obvious, right? Well not to everyone. If a newbie is not experienced and sees the photo of Tim, they may be confused, definitely, but they may just be happy that they got a follow from their trading idol and won’t question the authenticity. Who knows. Whenever people want something bad enough, their brains have a way of justifying it.

Red Flag #2 Check Mark

See the check mark on the profile photo on Timothy Sykes’ real Twitter? That means this profile has sent in identification and has been approved by Twitter that they are who they say they are. He is “Twitter Verified”. Not to mention, Timothy Sykes makes it CLEAR he ONLY HAS ONE TWITTER! The Twitter account with Jackson’s name is NOT Twitter verified. Because he is a SCAMMER!!!

Red Flag #3 Description

Looking at the first photo you see that in his description he states “Bitcoin miner Forex/binary options trader Senior trade account manager”. First off, Timothy Sykes ONLY trades penny stocks. Second, he does NOT trade options, and he is NOT an account manager. Never will the real Tim Sykes ask for your information, suggest you trade bitcoin/forex/etc nor will he ask to manage your funds or anything of the sort. He is PURELY a teacher. But beware, some scammers copy and paste Tim’s description talking briefly about how he turned $12k into several million and will use it as their own. Some scammers are meticulous and others are sloppy.

Thankfully, the social media community does a pretty good job of keeping up with these fraudsters that they aren’t on social media for very long. If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a Timothy Sykes account, you can always ask them questions. But I will get to that below. Let’s continue to pick apart this Tim Sykes fake account.

Red Flag #4 Followers/Following

Followers; look at how many people Jackson is following. Petty. Hardly any. And not just that… Look at the number of people following him. ZERO! Because this is a new account. Tim Sykes has 200k+ followers and is following 4k+ people.

Red Flag #5 the @name

The @ name. It says Jackson with a bunch of numbers. Tim’s profile says @timothysykes where there should be NO confusion. But it’s not always this easy. Some will be working on the account for awhile so there could be tons more followers, but the @name and real name could have a period. or a comma, or two I’s or two Y’s or S’s and so forth. They can get tricky.

The Goal of These Scammers?

The goal of these scammers is to convince you they are the real Tim Sykes and that you should give them your hard-earned money. They will stop at nothing to try and convince you. But I will get into this after we pick a part a few more red flags.

Red Flag #6 Website Link

Take a look at the link that is posted next to the United States where the person claims they live. I say claims because we know nothing about this scammer and we must assume everything is a lie. So the web link is for Amex.Financials. I don’t trust it. Under TimothySykes’s real profile, Tim lives in Miami Beach and you will see a link to his real website; this is where you can find Tim’s blog posts amongst other super helpful information!

Red Flag #7 Joined Date

Another red flag we can spot is the date in which the account has been made. The fake account was created in June 2020 whereas the real Tim has been on Twitter since December of 2007.

Red Flag #8 Retweets

Look to see if the Imposter Account retweeted the account they are trying to impersonate. You will see, for example, TimSykes Imposter retweeted Timothy Sykes Tweet. This is very common as these fake accounts are trying to make it look like it is their own tweet. Very simple, very annoying, and you can train yourself to recognize this.

Now, I started with the most obvious to the least. The reason being is.. This is just on Twitter. Tim also has a YouTube Channel , Instagram, and Facebook. Each of these accounts have been Verified with the checkmark. I do not know of any other accounts that Tim has. But a good rule of thumb would be to check and see if there is a verification checkmark then go through the checklist and see if there are any red flags that make you question the integrity of the account. As far as I know, Tim said he does NOT have any other accounts on any other social media.

The Next Step of the Plot

The next step these scammers will take is talking to you. They will try to use scare tactics and pressure tactics to convince you that you HAVE to listen to them or else you will Never have the opportunity again.

Whatsapp: they will ask you to move to a platform such as WhatsApp where messages aren’t able to be traced. (I have fallen for something similar just out of curiosity.) One scammer was more creative than others I pursued. This one I am talking about used a video recording of Tim’s to try to have a “phone chat” with me. Oddly enough, I have watched so many of Tim’s videos that I recognized that recording was a video I watched the night before. Not to mention, in Tim’s videos, I have NEVER seen him messaging students during the recordings. I knew that Tim wasn’t talking to me because they were messaging me at the same time of the “conversation” instead of saying, “Hello Tessa” or “How are you Tessa”, etc. They then said that I am wasting their time and they will be moving on to a more dedicated student. Mind you, every time I asked a question; such as, “Tim says he doesn’t manage other people’s money”, “Tim says he doesn’t use WhatsApp”, “Tims says…” and then list continued. They would reply saying that this is for “special students”.

Another time, in the very beginning of my joining social media, I received a message like the above I just mentioned, but they said to message one of Tim’s top students because they wanted me to join a special trading team. My first confusion was, why me? I am new and have NO idea what I am doing. I have only paper traded. But they insisted. They had me open up an account with some trading platform that I honestly don’t remember the name of but it allowed for trading of all kinds. My instructions were to wire money to the platform. What got me was the account information they sent me, so I could have my bank WIRE transfer the money; it was a lady instead of an institution. They wanted me to WIRE money to someone’s bank account and have me believe that it was to the trading software so I could begin trading in that “special team”. The “top student” they had me texting wasn’t one that Tim has ever mentioned either. My thoughts were that maybe it was a student that didn’t want mentioned. They made sure to send me pictures to “verify” the person was real. It was an older fella in his 40’s next to a nice car. I wish I still had the details on my other phone so I could share them on this blog.

Anyways, I knew I was following the real Tim Sykes on Twitter and I sent him messages on Instagram and left comments on Tim Sykes’ real Twitter basically asking for help. I was asking Tim if we were on the phone together, if he was talking to me on WhatsApp, and if I am actually doing what he said since he is so transparent. I was frankly scared to ask the real Tim Sykes about this because I didn’t want to give up his secret if it were the case. But I have trusted Tim from day one that he was as transparent as he promises. THANK GOODNESS the real Tim Sykes is true to his word. I called my bank and asked them to verify the information that I had given them regarding the account information that was sent to me and told them the entire story of what was happening. My bank insisted I stop communicating with the people and to NEVER wire money. They told me that they can’t track it and that it is unsafe. I trusted my bank. So I never went through with it.

But what these scammers did, when I asked the Real Tim what I should do, they were screening my page and Tim’s then asking me why I wasn’t trusting “him”. That scared me because I was being insulted by them and trying not to bother the Real Tim. I was in an uncomfortable position and I didn’t want to ruin my chances as a student my Tim Sykes. FORTUNATELY, the Real Tim messaged back saying they were scammers, he doesn’t use WhatsApp, etc. I was so reluctant that my bank and the Real Tim Sykes cared about me.

After that educational experience, I now am confident when helping other students know that the Tim they are in contact with, is not Tim, but a Fraud. Next I give them the link so they can follow the Real Deal without any confusion.

But helping students came with a learning curve too. For those who contact me, know that my messages usually come with links included. This is because, in the beginning, a woman asked me about information on how to join Timothy Sykes Challenge. I remember telling her to type in Timothy Sykes and go to his website and join through there. Little did I know that she would type this in and not click on but clicked on another website that is listed under Timothy Sykes search (I just searched and I no longer see the scammer website, which is good.) but when I typed it in to see why I was receiving such a hateful message from her (she was saying that Tim Sykes is a scam and I am a pumper or something.. I still have the messages but I won’t post them here since I don’t know how to black out her name and photo on my laptop) but the point was, she didn’t do her research and I didn’t provide her with a direct link. This left a margin of error where she became susceptible to a scam. There was a posting under Tims name saying (I wish I could remember exactly) but something along the lines of millionaire something. I don’t want to guess and type something wrong so just understand it was a website other than but listen under Tims name that was NOT associated with the Real Tim Sykes.

Anyways, the lady lost about $2k to this scammer and she blamed me for it. Had she asked me if the information was right, I would have just done it myself and sent her the link because she was too lazy to do the real research. Now, I understand that kind of mindset from people as I get TONS of messages every day. And to help out and avoid any hassle or missed opportunities or bad experiences by those I talk to, I simply add helpful links that direct them to what I am talking about. This way there is no confusion. It may take me an extra minute or two per conversation, but I am beyond happy to help and will not risk someone getting scammed due to my laziness when all I had to do was send a direct link. (I do recommend everyone be cautious when receiving links from people.. even if, in the future, people pose to be me as those links could be malicious. Do your research as nothing is fool-proof.)

Here is a direct link to a video of Tim Sykes talking about this issue of people posing as him in order to steal your money. I would just add the video right here but I don’t know how to do that yet.

Always, I hope you have found this blog post help when identifying whether or not the Real Timothy Sykes is following you or if you are following the real Timothy Sykes.

Unfortunately there are a lot of fakes out there and they try to discredit a very hardworking and honest man, and as a student, it is my duty to weed through these fakes and protect my teacher And you, so that way we can maintain a transparent and honest trading community.

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Avoid Frauds, Fakes and Scammers by Following My Top 5 Favorite Traders

Here is a post and direct links to My Top 5 Favorite Traders. This should help prevent you from following the wrong accounts.


People are Impersonating Me

I have my first Imposters on Twitter! Please report and block anyone pretending to be me. They usually message beginning with, “Hello”, then they start asking questions such as, “How long have you been trading?”, Saying they are professional traders and offer mentoring for X amount of money, others say they will trade crypto/binary/options and give you a percentage of the profit. DO NOT fall for these scams! I will never message you first! I ONLY reply by answering your trading questions! Also, these imposters are blocking me so I don’t even know they exist until traders tag me or send me messages linking to the fake accounts. If You Have ANY Questions About the Authenticity of an Account That Seems to be Me, Please Tag/Message Me and I will be Honest and Tell You to Report Them!

My ONLY Twitter Account —> @TessaLamping

Example of My Imposters

Do Not Fall For This

frauds fakes and scammers
Imposter #1

The above example the imposter added a number to the name!

frauds fakes and scammers
Imposter Conversation With Newbie Trader Verified by Me

The example above is a new trader verifying the conversation he had with a fake account. He sent this to me and asked if the fake account was me or not. I gladly asked him to report the fake account and assured him that was NOT me. Please verify any odd conversation! I will not manage anyone’s money or get you into crypto/binary Bullsh*t!

The only thing I encourage is education and I provide links to the resources I have used or currently use. Always be suspicious and question everything. Skepticism is encouraged! The links I provide are found on my website and My Youtube Channel if there are any concerns!

frauds fakes and scammers
Imposter #2

This Imposter was tricky and didn’t add an I to my last name. They put Lampng INSTEAD of Lamping which left many traders confused. I sure hope that no one has sent them money! You will never see me asking people for money!

frauds fakes and scammers
First Notification of my First Imposter Account

This is just disgusting! Both Imposter accounts blocked me so I couldn’t find them until my buddy sent me the first message of him being retweeted by Two Tessas. He did some research and found the first fake account and notified me.

frauds fakes and scammers
Discussing Fake Account Scams

This is why being transparent in an industry full of fakes, frauds and scammers is crucial! It is the duty of all of us traders to have each other’s backs and protect the new traders from being scammed. Never trust anyone! Luckily, Timothy Sykes, has been sculpting a transparent community for years and it is our DUTY to maintain some sort of honest quality. Thank you man!

Be Safe, Stay Skeptical!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and as always. Have a safe trading week. Make sure to leave a comment on what you think, what I should cover, and follow me on Social media and YouTube.

Cheers Everyone and Happy Trading!


  • Chris Sams says:

    great article Tessa, ive run into the same situation as we speak, i`m a subscriber to tim syles as well, and to 3 other subscriptions at raging one is kyle dennis, offering to do some side trading for me, I was talking to him on the hangout app, same pic that is on twitter, then I get another alert on on the hangout app from kyle dennis different pic though, both at the same time!! shoot, ididn`t know who to believe for a minute, but then I told him to tell me something only the real kyle would know, and he answered correctly! I like to fell over when I seen that pop up!! appreciate your article for helping newbies like myself, wishing you much success with your trading!! chris.

    • tladmin says:

      Way to question! Yes, this unfortunately happens almost every day! A scammer followed me again today where he had almost everything accurately copying the real Tim Sykes but he had fx in his @ name and the twitter joined date was this year. They get sneaky. Way to question it. just be careful letting anyone manage your money. I recommend against it. That is usually the first sign of a scammer trying to steal your hard earned cash. But do your own due diligence and I hope this helped! Be very careful! cheers!

  • Victor says:

    Awesome post. Thanks for the info. Just getting into this (from affiliate marketing) and it is sondifficult tomweed out noise from userul info. Good luck in your journey!

    • tladmin says:

      Hey! I am glad this can help you out a bit. I am a student of Timothy Sykes. I highly recommend everyone learning from him. You can find his stuff on YouTube. He is the real deal and really helps you focus on trading with as little noise as possible!

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