health is wealth
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Treat Yourself with the Health You Deserve

Health IS Wealth

Have you ever been so caught up in your work or a project that you end up neglecting your health? Your work ethic is admired by those on the outside which may drive you to insane amounts of dedication; after all, it’s now a standard you feel you have to live up to. It takes many quite a while to remember that their Health is Wealth too.

So many of us want to be healthy but end up flaking out on ourselves even though we KNOW our HEALTH is Most Important. Well, I have discovered a break through hack to working out that only takes 10 minutes with quick and effective results after just one workout! By taking on this challenge of dedicating 10 minutes or less of your time each day you make a commitment to yourself. Treat Yourself with the love You Deserve!

7 Min High Intensity Workout

Pretty motivational, right? I hope so. So many successful multimillionaire traders have mentioned in countless podcasts, interviews, tweets, etc that having a healthy life is key to their success.

How does being healthy play a key role in their success? Well, as many of these Top 5 Traders have mentioned throughout their trading career that their health plays a huge role in their over all success whether it is a well balanced diet (I’ll cover this topic in a future post which is why I have been working on a cookbook for busy days), staying in shape by working out, having a schedule, getting enough sleep, even exercising their brain through other mentorships.

What Millionaire Traders Have in Common


Many millionaire traders find themselves performing some sort of routine. Having this sense of structure promotes accountability, responsibility, mental health, happiness, and consistency not just in trading but in their personal lives as well. Business is business and there’s no way of getting out of it. Business needs structure and so does a trader. Structure means tracking your trades, establishing your personal routine, taking care of your mental health as well as your physical, and of course, getting sufficient sleep. By following a set of rules and habits that you develop for your own success, you are unstoppable. Unleash your potential TODAY!


Each millionaire trader is also learning from Multiple Mentors. These mentors teach these successful people by osmosis as one of my mentors Tai Lopez likes to call it. This may sound like something new to you and this is actually a “Cheat Code” that many people don’t know about. After tons of research I have carefully and meticulously sought out mentors based on the life I want. By emulating the people who have what I want, I am learning to achieve similar goals, this is an act that EVERY millionaire has done that I have researched. This may be learning from Timothy Sykes, Jack Kellogg, Mariana Hincapie, Kyle Williams, Matthew Monaco, John Papa, Tim Bohen, Roland Wolf, Dan Irish, Tim Grittani, Tai Lopez, Dan Pena, Nathan Michaud, Jim Newman, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Aristotle, Socrates, the list goes on…

What my discoveries have shown is that each mentor has had several mentors. That is a “secret” of the rich that many people don’t take advantage of. As a matter of fact, after seeking out mentorship via services or one on one, people with poor mindsets have been trying to tell me that I am wasting both my time and money. They like to tell me that these are “self help scams” these people are “furus (fake gurus)” that these programs make the rich richer or the people who sign up to these programs end up just wasting money with no results. And for many, that last statement is true. Too many people don’t act on the information and resources provided and they do end up with nothing. Those people are wasting their time by procrastinating and waiting for someone to do something FOR them. That IS Laziness!

Taking Action!

Treat Yourself with the Health YOU DESERVE!

Treat Yourself with the Health You Deserve by taking action! That is the KEY! Yes, you can pay for anything and not use it. But this post isn’t solely about how people take advantage or waste their advantage by neglecting their education from mentors.

My goal for this post is to share with you how sneaking in at least 5-60 minutes of fitness a day is changing my life.

health is wealth
health is wealth

How Fitness Changed MY Life


By practicing a consistent routine my mind no longer feels “out of control”.

What do I mean by “Out of Control?”

In trading as in life, there are many factors in which we have no say over. They just happen and we must adapt or stress about it. Stress is not fun nor fulfilling. Once I decided to commit by holding myself accountable to a healthier routine like physical fitness, my mental state has become calmer. I am happier with the way I look, my six-pack is back, I don’t feel so exhausted anymore, my son and I bond as he joins me, it brings me a lot more joy, I feel proud for sticking with it. There are so many positive feelings that correlate with sneaking in a few minutes to workout. I Learned to Treat Myself with the Health I Deserve!

At the beginning of this post I attached an example of one of my workouts. I had to record it a few times because my legs were so shaky from the intensity that I didn’t squat down all the way. By the last take I forced myself to stay down to really work my legs which made them so jelly-like that I could barely jump to do a jump squat LOL so I use it as an encouraging way to show you how you can modify these workouts to your ability but still having the satisfaction of accomplishment! Not to mention I recorded it in 96 degree heat which I don’t recommend!

Goals Through Fitness

Why Health is Wealth

My reason for sharing this with you is to encourage you to TAKE ACTION! You will thank yourself and feel empowered. Then when you hear those around you or on social media complaining about their appearance and how they need to do this or that to feel better or they want to look better, you can say “HEY! I can help you, I work out with Tessa Lamping‘s 5-10 minute videos on YouTube; You will LOVE them! They’re fun, easy-to-follow, addicting and you will feel the results after 1 video!”. My friends have been telling me this since I started working out. They enjoy the content I share with them and have encouraged me to share it with you. Don’t mind the editing as I am constantly working on improving, but it’s better to start now and update that later.

At first I was skeptical and telling them that my focus is on trading and that no one would want to workout with me online, but after some thought, I figured.. what the heck. No Excuses. If I can help show people that a few minutes a day has helped me feel better then why not share it and help others feel happy too.

My content is continuously improving along with what I learn which has all come from starting new habits. Not only has my health improved, but my attitude, my drive, my creativity, my energy, my motivation, my ambition, my accountability, the list goes on!

treat yourself to the health you deserve
Treat Yourself to the Health YOU Deserve

Goals for YOU

Take Action!

My goal for you and your goal for yourself is to TAKE ACTION! You have already begun if you are this far in my post. You don’t have to feel pressured to create a strict schedule. Start by doing this workout while you have a few minutes of standing around or waiting. HAVE FUN! Don’t discourage yourself instead, find ways to make things happen.

My Routine

Building Successful Habits

My routines revolve around my son. This makes everything more exciting and challenging!

My days usually begin around 5:30am west coast time since I function around the stock market which runs on Eastern time. You can say I “sleep in”. Instantly I fire up my laptops that are next to me like pillows. Once my charts are pulled up I start analyzing the tickers from my watchlists. 6:30am is just around the corner and my focus is on my screens until 8:30am as uninterrupted as possible.

By then my son is starting to wake up. Both of my laptops follow us into the open living area. 9:30am is midday Eastern time so the market is usually slower. This is the time that I make my son breakfast, fit my workouts in, write some blogs, play with my son, read to him, all while checking the markets. This may sound crazy but that is my career instead of being gone anywhere from 8+ hours every day and not getting to help my son grow.

Once noon hits I am back at my screens scanning for stocks into power hour. This is from 3-4pm Eastern time. This is usually when my son gets ready for his nap. Most of the time he is asleep by this time or he will lay down around 2pm west coast, especially during Summer. He then sleeps anywhere from 1-4 hours.

I utilize this time to study. Study from different mentors, read books, plan out my schedule anything I can to DO SOMETHING that will get me ahead and feel satisfied with my results.

If he wakes up early then we go travel around… If he wakes up near dinner time then we cook together. Meal times are when I can focus on my cookbook. I will also alternate days that I have long workouts, blog posts, videos, play days, and workout on my cookbook. This allows me to be efficient and more consistent.

As the day comes to a close I try to fit in video recaps of my day then put my son to bed. Once he is asleep I work on my watchlist, review my trades, listen to more mentors, and really reflect on how I can improve, what I am DOING to improve, how I can become better and what direction I want to go in life with my trading/goals.


“Motivation Gets You Started, Good Habits Keep You Going.”

Dan Pena

Motivation Gets You Started

Good Habits Keep You Going

This is a quote from Dan Pena, a billionaire, that I am being mentored by. Not personally yet as his in-person mentorship is upwards of $20k but that is a goal I am working towards. Rather, I am using what he does offer FOR FREE or for cheaper prices until I can work my way up. One step in his mentorship program is to do 1 thing Each Day that scares you. This removes fear. THIS is what I am using as motivation to reinforce my good habits to improve EVERY DAY!

What are your fears and what are you doing to overcome them? Tag me on social media via @TessaLamping (watch out for imposters and scammers) so I can hear your stories!

And Remember To Treat Yourself with the Health YOU Deserve!

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