Hack Your Eating Habits Today!

Hack Your Eating Habits
Secrets To Tasty and Healthier Eating Habits

Hack Your Eating Habits Today with these tasty and guilt-free secrets!

I can imagine if you are reading this post, then you must love food as much as me. Since beginning my cookbook, the amount of tips, tricks, cheat codes, secrets, and hacks I have been learning are insurmountable! Who knew there were so many mouth-watering foods out there; both filling and leave your taste buds jumping with joy. (Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, nor food professional. Consult your health care specialist before trying anything mentioned in this post. What works for me doesn’t mean it meets your nutritional needs.)

~ Hack Your Eating Habits Today ~

Let’s Get Creative!

How to be Creative!

If you are like most people, then when it comes to meal time you are probably opening every cabinet and wondering what “sounds good”. This is SO common amongst people that they usually grab a can of whatever is “easy” to pop open and microwave. Maybe even take the time to walk over to the freezer and throw something frozen in the microwave, deep fryer or oven. Although this habit can leave you overly full.. most of the time your taste buds and body are still yearning for something MORE. They are begging to be treated with something nutritious. But what could possibly satisfy them?

~ Hack Your Eating Habits Today ~

Nutritious Means Bland…. Right?



Take the boring old cheese and crackers for example. Personally, I am not a fan of cheese and not too thrilled about cheese on crackers. Of course, whenever I used to eat Lunchables from the store usually packaged with crackers, meat of some sort; turkey or ham, cheese, a cookie or two and a juice. Needless to say, I always gave the cheese to my puppy.

Recently… I was turned onto a hack. My mom mentioned it actually. Take a look at the first image above!

Looks scrumptious!

and the secret?


So what is it!

Believe it or not this made it into my CookBook under the snack section. And the reason I am sharing it with you?

For me this was a delicious treat and I wanted you to be able to Treat Yourself too.

What is the hack here? They are just crackers…

The hack is the fulfillment your tastebuds are begging for!!!

Prepare your taste buds for a delectable and delicate treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating 3 or 4 or 5 or 6…

  • Take a thin or thick cracker, my crackers of choice are Mini Artisan Crackers Croccantini Original found at Fred Meyer.
  • Next, take your cheese slicer in one hand and your pizza shaped Sharp White Cheddarry MRRY cheese in the other hand and glide the cutter down the block of cheese until you have a slice to your desired thickness. Of course, I am still not a huge cheese person so I prefer a thin slice. Place the cheese over the length of the cracker.
  • Moving onto the next step take your favorite jam. In this recipe I used home made jam from berries my family and I harvested last year and canned. Mixed berry was my choice of delicacy. Yours could be strawberry, plum, raspberry, etc. Gently place a small dollop of the sweet goodness on top of the cheese and in the middle of your cracker. For sweetness lovers you can also add a tiny dollop to the edges of the cheese/cracker combo for extra deliciousness!
  • Lastly, and very importantly, is the fresh leaf of mint! Add this herb to the middle of your dollop of heavenly joy. This not only highlights fresh notes to your musical palette but also enhances the sensation of pleasure your taste buds are begging for!

~ Hack Your Eating Habits Today ~

Hack Your Eating Habits
Courtesy of Treat Yourself Minty Jam & Biscuits from my CookBook

~ Hack Your Eating Habits Today ~

Make Change a Habit

Routinely Change Your Meals Up & Let’s Hack Your Eating Habits Today!

Last post we talked about setting a routine to help you manage stress and videos to follow a long with! Now we want to delight your belly with alternative, sweet, and healthy treats you deserve!

You can take crackers and add any cheese, jam, or fresh herb that you find harmonious to your palette.

Each day I want you to take your favorite snack and change at least one item to make it a little different! By doing this you train your brain to be creative and excited to taste the deliciousness of something you aren’t use to.

How to Change Meals Up

Try This to Hack Your Eating Habits Today!

Are you used to eating hamburger? Try Turkey or Pork, or Chicken, maybe a meatless meat in replacement of your hamburger. This will give your meaty dish a fun twist! My favorite food is spaghetti, usually I add brown sugar to make it sweet! To change this up sometimes I won’t add brown sugar but instead I will add avocado which I did today! Perhaps instead of using hamburger I change it to shrimp or scallops, muscles or maybe no meat. Little changes can make a world of difference!

Do you usually drink milk? Try sweetened Almond milk or my new favorite, chocolate oat milk. These little changes to recipes make an incredibly delightful change to my meals that my son loves too!

Not only has this helped my energy levels increase but I now feel more rested in the mornings and more active to play with my son. He even enjoys cooking with me so it is great for us to get creative together!

What Have You Created?

I want to know the deliciousness that YOU have created! Tag me in a post with your favorite dishes and add the recipe of how to make it for a chance to be featured in my cookbook!

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