Let’s Create those Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine!

healthy routine
Healthy Routine

The Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine!

What does having a Healthy Routine mean?

What are the Cheat Codes!?

Let’s hack that Healthy Routine idea and turn it into YOUR cheat code!

A healthy routine could be a change in eating habits; (don’t worry we are not talking about going on a diet and always consult a professional dietitian based on your health needs) more so, substituting caramel in ice cream for a big, juicy, caramelly-like date and some sort of nut butter like sunflower butter which tastes nearly the same as peanut butter yet it accommodates certain health issues. This amongst many other cleaner, healthier alternatives are going to be in my Cook Book that is in the works! It will be super beautiful, yummy, and exciting to treat your tastebuds to something so delicious!

Eating Habits are equally an important part of a healthy Routine!

But who knew that there were an abundance of tasty snacks out there that you can indulge your tastebuds while not having to feel guilty? This will be covered in a future blog post that I am beyond ecstatic to share with you! Prepare for deliciousness overload!

Anyways, having a healthy routine means structure. NOT EXACTLY! Maybe you are someone who likes to fly by the wire and not be set to a schedule as having that type of commitment actually causes you stress.

~ Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine ~

To Structure or Not to Structure?

Happy Routine

All of us are different and so are the routines that fit our personalities. SO this brings us to the question.. To structure or not to structure our days. This is entirely based on what suits you. For example, someone who doesn’t like structure may feel stressed by a schedule that dictates the time frame in which they must wake, workout, eat, sleep, nap, etc. So this turns from a happy routine to an unhappy routine.

Happiness is our goal..

Happy Life is a Healthy Life!

For others, such as myself, I LOVE a plan!

Just because I have everything planned doesn’t mean I can’t adapt to changing events. Having a base foundation to work from helps guide me when things start to feel busy.

My cook book; this I have planned to finish in 1 year or 1 1/2 years hopefully max. Of course there may be some wiggle room but based on my research I tried having a realistic goal. Next, I have my podcast I am starting up but can’t begin until I have the equipment chosen, ordered, and delivered. Also, I have two other books I am currently writing; one that will be finished once I reach the Million Dollar Trading Milestone and the other that I want out within the year. Each of these activities I must schedule in while I day trade, take care of my son, and squeeze in family time.

So how do I juggle all of this?

I create Cheat Codes for my Happy, Healthy Routines that I am comfortable with adjusting based on circumstances and obstacles!

This is fun to me. I truly Enjoy the challenge!

~ Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine ~

How to Structure Chaos

Creating the Happiness Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine

How do I structure my chaos? I chose to originally go weekly, setting aside one week to focus on writing a blog post a day for 5-7 days which would ideally give me 5-7 weeks worth of content to post if I released materially once a week. That leaves me the next week to focus on my recipes, capturing photos for my cook book and organizing that. After that week I was going to focus on my podcast for a week and the fourth week I was going to focus on my YouTube workout videos. That was a basic structure I was planning on following to feel like I am accomplishing my goals productively.

Then I realized today, that this may not allow me to reach my goals to publish my books within a year if I am allocating weeks to other events. So to restructure my goal is to at least finish 1 of my books ideally in 5 months. This allows me to have focus on that book and complete that without dancing around the pond and removes one item off of my list. While doing that I am going to dedicate approximately 1 week straight on my cook book and gauge my idea of how long it may actually take to complete.

Each day I remember that it IS okay to change my routine but also having deadlines focuses just enough stress that I can push myself to achieve SUCCESS & HAPPINESS!

After all, we are here to have fun and be happy with our progress!

~ Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine ~

Why Deadlines are Helpful

The Pros of Supervised Stress

Have you ever heard of the famous quote,

“A Dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL.

A Goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN.

A Plan backed by action Makes your dreams come TRUE!”

Greg Reid

This is what I consider supervised stress. Maybe you have a family member or friend holding you accountable to your word or perhaps you are the type of person that holds yourself accountable. Either way, when you have a an idea that you want to make happen then this is a great structure to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The idea of supervised stress isn’t to cause stress but create happy, healthy urgency!

Maybe you are hungry and your goal is to whip up a quick 30 minute or less dinner that you can enjoy. This sense of urgency from your tummy grumbling causes you to create something spectacular that rewards your tastebuds with joy. This is the same idea.

Supervised stress from yourself creates a sense of accomplishment and reward when you have trained yourself to establish a happy, healthy routine that proves itself rewarding!

Examples of Success

Recently; by recently I mean today, I was inspired by my Pal, Alex (BTheStory) who recently did a video with his wife about their goals for his trading career. She was the one creating supervised stress that both had healthy and unhealthy affects on his psyche. This video is a great example how too much stress or structure can have negative effects on your emotional state but provides an incredible example of how it is okay to adapt and still reach your goals!

In the video below you will hear more about how structure and strictness causes her to feel happy by having a healthy routine but Alex felt the opposite. He felt the stress of too much structure which caused him to feel like it was an unhealthy routine that brought too much pressure.

Watch and learn how they both compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how they adapt to succeed!

~ Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine ~

How You Can Adapt

ACTION!!!!! – Start Creating The Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine!

Take Action!

My trading friends have asked me countless times how I manage to stay calm with so much going on. You can imagine I will be sending them this blog post with a smile.

Take Your FIRST Step!

One of my favorite ways to keep on track is with an app I recently adopted called EverNote. This app can be linked to your phones, computers, edited from one device and done again from another device. The other amazing thing is that you can copy and paste text, images, links, change fonts, and so much more!

So how does this help me take ACTION?

I have my routines listed under my routine category. In another category I write recipes that come to mind, the research on publishers are on another tab linked to my cook book so that way it is connected and not lost. Workouts that I find I love and want to incorporate into my videos are under another section and notes I take from my multimillionaire and billionaire mentors are under another category.

Each tab/link begins my journey.

By writing my thoughts down I create something tangible that can be made into reality. It’s amazing how much turning an idea (something intangible) into something physical begins a creative process!

~ Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine ~

What I Want YOU To Do!

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine!

We must make our dreams enjoyable!

Otherwise, what is the point?

So join me in TAKING ACTION!

  • Write out at least the basics of your daily (or weekly) dreams.
  • Next add a date. This will help you to start achieving your goals.
  • Each day (or week) I want you to tell yourself how proud you are for achieving your goal and do something small to celebrate your accomplishment! This could be treating yourself with your favorite treat, maybe you are SO excited that you want to tag me or write to me about what you have done that you are proud of! Each celebration reinforces your success and creates a happy, healthy routine that brings you joy.
  • After each accomplishment you mark off, write another one. This will train your brain to make success a part of your habits which in return makes you happy and constantly finding a star you have tangibly reached!
  • On days you don’t feel like achieving a goal I want you to consider two things: 1. How would you feel if you didn’t reach that dream? 2. If you put it off another day are you willing to undue all the progress you have been working hard for. When you take time off, due to laziness, you train yourself to be lazy… That “it’s okay” to procrastinate and that; in return, causes a sense of self doubt which is not what we want to feel.

What if You Didn’t Accomplish Your Goal?

If you don’t accomplish something on time don’t get too down on yourself. This is not always laziness.

You MUST consider your circumstances.

Sometimes we are so busy that something may slip our mind or we didn’t have enough time like we may have originally thought. THIS IS OKAY!

We can’t blame ourselves for accomplishing 1 task and not everything else. Reward yourself for the progress you HAVE made.

Although tomorrow is not guaranteed, we can still plan to make it the best!

Perhaps if you are missing your goals then you may either need to motivate yourself more or you may have too much going on. If you are facing the latter then remind yourself that it IS OKAY to pace yourself in a realistic and tangible fashion. Otherwise you won’t be rewarding yourself for your accomplishments and we want you to feel happy about your progress. Too much going on can cause you to feel unnecessary stress.

This is 100% about training yourself to be the best you can be and how you accomplish this is by being the best you can be!

~ Cheat Codes for a Healthy Routine ~

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