Tessa Lamping

Tessa Lamping is a stay at home mom, full-time student at Washington Technology University; receiving her bachelors degree in Information Security, and a full time student of Timothy Sykes through the Millionaire Master Program and Market Mastery 2020.

Tessa is from a small town in Washington State. She managed to get her Associates Degree before graduating high school. After obtaining her degree Tessa took a break from school to devote her time in the private sector while exploring the modeling world. Experiencing a few start up companies, a music video, magazines, runway shows and other projects, she then decided to volunteer her time taking care of the elderly.

Once she became a single mom, Tessa decided it was time to devote herself to her son. By deciding to become Timothy Sykes’ student, she could then spend her mornings trading stocks; the day with her child; and the night studying the market.

She began sharing her journey because of a book that Timothy Sykes’ student, Jamil Alluch wrote; The Complete Penny Stock Course, which instructed her to record her trading journey transparently on the internet. From there, many of those like her, have been captivated by her story. Providing motivation for parents, just like Tessa, she has made it her goal to become as transparent as possible by describing the “ups” and “downs” as a single mom in the world of day traders.